Green European Union Or How To Change The World

The green agenda today definitely brings more chaos rather than wise solutions. I think everyone already knows why. Technology that can solve many things can not solve political issues. If you are tired of ridiculous political ideas and opinions, do not get upset. Check out the 22Bet app and have fun!
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European Union And Green Laws

The European Union has reached an agreement to expand the carbon market, endorsing the centerpiece of a "green deal" strategy. It aims to make the European economy climate-neutral by the middle of the 21st century. Under the agreement, trading in carbon credits will extend to heating and road transport, as well as ships. In addition, the EU will accelerate the pace at which companies from electricity producers to suppliers are required to reduce pollution. This is part of Europe's plan to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels and reach "net zero" by 2050.

European Union

 As the lead negotiator from the European Parliament, Peter Lise, noted that this is the largest climate law ever passed in Europe, and some would say that in the world. Which is the most useful?? But that is another question.

While some reform provisions have been relaxed from the original proposal as the EU grapples with the energy crisis, the bloc intends to make green reform the core of its strategy, the agency said. The deal is a success for the EU and will provide confidence to companies and investors, even if some compromises have to be made, as the economic environment is very difficult.

Sarcastic Future That Comes True

Imagine if your bank doesn't skip a transaction to buy an airline ticket, not because you don't have the money, but because you don't have enough carbon credits. Represented? So this is the future that the green agenda offers us, and the plan is already being implemented.

The main idea is the emergence of "environmental" issuers who will sell it. And, of course, in addition to representatives of the green economy, bankers with consultants are interested in this. Since there will be a need to underwrite “greenness” and provide a system for processing transactions of carbon units.

That is the scale that cannot be overestimated since it will affect all economic agents. It opens up the opportunity to cut commissions in a completely new market. In fact, they are trying to impose a quasi-tax on air, which is planned to be collected not by states, but by private companies.

And the main tragedy is that the majority does not even know about the existence of the problems that the green agenda entails. Indeed, for the majority, ESG or sustainable development are incomprehensible terms from the world of finance. They supposedly do not concern them in any way. In addition, everything is carefully covered with noble thoughts with concern for the environment.

Some think that it is extremely important today to talk about this as often as possible. Moreover, therefore there were published articles about life that will be changed after this green agenda. Eventually, life won't be the same again. As democracy allows us to talk about such laws only in the kitchen whispering so the neighbors won't hear about it. So they definitely need to know the scientific opinion about the green agenda and the whole world.

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