Survival Tips If You Hate Your Job and Workplace

I hate my job and want to quit! These are commonly heard words from a frustrated employee and can’t be sugar coated. Hating your job or workplace is nothing new but rather often expressed emotion.

It’s very true that not all days are perfect, some may be good ones and some may be hard to survive. Going to your job or workplace with no enthusiasm or just making up your mind about having a bad day at the office isn’t a solution for you. If every other day at your job feels like a hopeless, deflating, and inescapable day, then surely it's a horrible feeling.

Survival Tips If You Hate Your Job and Workplace

But what are the options you have if you hate your job? Do you also feel exhausted and emotionally drained out like you are career trapped? Do you?

Tips to Survive a Job You Hate

If yes, then here are a few tips for survival when you hate your job and want to quit:

  1. The blame game has always been the first choice so better not do so. It's nothing new for us to not want to take responsibility for our actions and blame others. So, take time for self-reflection and try changing your mindset.
  2. Develop new skills introduced in your industry. You are one to take charge of your career growth so keep polishing your prior skills and learn more to stay updated with the industry trends. Learning the new technologies and skills is another strategy to survive at your job you hate.
  3. Talk to your manager and try to negotiate for a work from home opportunity. This will help you to stay in your comfort surroundings with fewer distractions. If you can, try to ask for a raise or a promotion to a post that you prefer. However, if it’s the company that you do not want to work at, it might not do you any good.
  4. Sitting at your desk day long will definitely bore you so better to be a little active. Grab a cup of coffee or take a break of a few minutes with your colleagues to relax. You can also ensure that your physical health is top-notch and try to stay fit. Doing so will help you improve your energy levels and stabilize your mental health.
  5. Set boundaries with those colleagues you can't bear to stand and do chit-chat with. Try to keep your relationships professional and limit your conversations to work.
  6. Avoid stretching your work hours and give time to your mental and physical well-being. Start putting yourself first by avoiding unnecessary tasks and exerting excessively.

Key Points

Like others, if you are also in a position where you hate your job and are just thinking of quitting, here is what we can guide you with.

It may be very definite that controlling your way of the response still makes you hate the job. So, here are some points to help get you unstuck.

  • Try to take out sometime for self-reflection
  • Change your mindset to positive approaches
  • Take small breaks and work rather than sitting in one place all day long
  • Try to be grateful and find peace in some aspects of your job
  • Look for possibilities and prepare a plan if you consider quitting as your only option

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