5 Ways To Use Coffee As A Promotional Tool

5 Ways To Use Coffee As A Promotional Tool

Every time you wake up in the morning, you probably reach for the coffee pot within the first few minutes of your day. You're not alone; It's a pretty common sentiment. When you need a quick boost in the morning, afternoon, or even night time, coffee is usually the beverage of choice for putting that pep back in your step. Indeed, a decent cup of morning Brew can set somebody up for a productive day, wake them up in the morning, or give them a jolt of energy whenever they need it. There's a reason that a coffee shop is on just about every corner, whether it's a ubiquitous brand or a boutique store. Whether you're running a cafe as part of your small business or you just want to cater to the incredibly wide and accessible coffee market, using coffee as part of a Broader marketing plan can energize your brand. Here's how.

Marketing With Coffee

Marketing your business with coffee can be an interesting endeavor, especially if you're not opening a coffee business. It all begins with starting on the right foot by having an easy to navigate and well-designed website. Feature the coffee prominently in the website and focus on creating high quality content to engage your audience. Analyze your audience and determine who they are first. Knowing your audience is important, especially with something like coffee is a marketing tool. You might want to also consider ramping up your social media marketing as well. Experiment with different marketing strategies and ways to improve your brand awareness in order to get the most out of your advertising. Using coffee as a promotional tool can be useful for any business, but you need to get it right out of the gate in order to thrive.

Branded Coffee Beans

Once you've honed your website and social media presence to perfection, start deciding how you're going to market your coffee. Consider branded coffee beans. These are coffee beans that you get roasted locally and place in special packaging. Selling and marketing your own coffee beans can be pretty beneficial. People might be more likely to buy them because they trust your brand. That can help boost profits a little bit. It can also help with advertising because your bag is branded with your information and logo. You can also control the quality of the flavor of your beans by having them roasted locally or getting them roasted organically. Selling them yourself also might give you a higher profit margin than just selling generic, unbranded beans. The most critical aspect of selling your own brand of beans, however, is building brand recognition and customer loyalty. If you want to create a strong brand identity, you need to engage with your customer base. Branded beans are the perfect way to do that as part of your overall marketing initiative.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are a necessity for running anything involving coffee. After all, how else are your customers going to drink your branded coffee? They're going to need a high quality ceramic, metal, or other type of mug from which to drink it. Coffee mugs can come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. It's also easy enough to personalize them with different types of logos, images, or Styles depending on your needs. It's a good idea to offer both standard coffee cups and wide mouth coffee cups to give customers some options. Don't forget to include company information. Offering an array of quality custom coffee mugs is ideal for driving more business to your company, passively advertising your brand, and showing your customers you care about providing high-quality products.

Coffee Accessories

Coffee mugs are a great gift for people, but sometimes nothing beats a cool coffee accessory. Coffee accessories can be the machines used to make coffee or anything that enhances the coffee-making/drinking experience. Syrups, coffee pods, milk frothers, grinders, and stirrers all make great coffee accessories. In some cases, they're a necessity! To get the most value out of these accessories, be sure to offer plenty of different options and don't forget to put your logo and brand information on all of them. That's the best method for building brand recognition and can be a sound strategy for promoting your products.

Coffee Makers

Coffee Makers

Everyone needs a good coffee maker. Why not put your company logo on one and sell it as a promotional opportunity? It makes sense, especially if you're already offering other coffee mugs, accessories, and beans to your guests. Coffee makers are essential to the modern lifestyle. From the office to home and everywhere in between, coffee makers are a necessity. You can offer drip coffee makers, French Presses, and pour over options so customers can choose what best fits your needs. Depending on their tastes and how they like to have their coffee, each one can offer different options. A French Press, for instance, can be great for making dark roasts that have a full bold flavor (not to mention other great benefits). Pour over is better for cafe-style coffee. Drip coffee makers make it easier for your customers to make their coffee every single day without really thinking about it too much. In some cases, you might even offer coffee pods. Regardless of what you decide to offer, be sure to put your logo on each item and use the opportunity to promote your brand.

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