These Female Entrepreneurs Are Changing The World

Women are brilliant and bold; they dream big and then work hard to make it all actually happen. When women recognize an opportunity, they seize it. If they don't, they make it, similar to online betting apps free download. All of this is hardly new to all of us, particularly given the number of inspirational women who have made their mark. Not sure who we're referring to? Discover the most fierce female entrepreneurs who are crushing it in business.

Female Entrepreneurs

Jazzi McGilbert

Reparations Club was started by Jazzi McGilbert, a female entrepreneur. McGilbert refers to the well-known creative space as a conceptual bookshop. It is the birthplace of ideas, action, education, and history. To the untrained eye, Reparations Club seems to be a bookstore selling books, CDs, and other items, yet it is where people of color feel the most accepted, encouraged, and relaxed.

McGilbert has always stepped up when the community needed it  most. The female entrepreneur is willing to change her bookstore into anything people require. Reparations Club, for example, becomes quite busy printing banners during rallies. Check out the female-owned company whenever you travel along Victoria Avenue. Witness how one woman's hard work created a space for a whole community to thrive and prosper.

Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney, a designer and novelist, is one of the top female entrepreneurs you'll know right away—her creations have appeared in Vogue. Blakeney is all about the bohemian aesthetic; she attributes her distinct style to her ethnically diverse family. The designer acknowledges that living in California influenced her excellent taste. She observed individuals of all ethnicities go about their everyday lives.

Blakeney's journey to success began when she launched her decor and lifestyle blog, Jungalow. Her blog entries and social media approach paved the way for beneficial collaborations. She quickly transitioned from blogging to designing a shaggy rug series with Loloi and a wallpaper line with Hygge and West. Blakeney's most well-known collaborations to date have been with Moda Operandi and Anthropologie. Blakeney is a bestselling author, as well as a renowned designer. Her books include "The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes" and "The New Bohemians: Come Home to Good Vibes."

Mahisha Dellinger

CURLS, one of the best women-owned beauty businesses, is founded by Mahisha Dellinger. This female entrepreneur epitomizes persistence. Dellinger had a difficult childhood, and his life did not improve. She was forced to work under a racist boss, who taught her that she didn't want her future to be determined by others. So Dellinger eventually decided to put her lifelong ambition into action.

Dellinger has always wanted to show off her curly hair but couldn't find effective natural solutions to help her. So, she took things into her own hands. Dellinger gathered every hair concoction she'd ever used and began mass-producing it on a large scale. The products were formulated with high-quality ingredients and ended up working well for any curl pattern. CURLS quickly progressed from a side project to a country-wide mass production. Are you moved by her story? Her 2018 OWN show Mind Your Business with Mahisha and her book "Against All Odds: From the Projects to the Penthouse" are both worth a look.

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