Even Adult Video Chatting Has Taboos – Here’s What to Avoid

The world of adult video chats is one that offers something for just about every type of preference. It’s all about supply and demand, and there’s plenty of both.

Most sites have plenty of options. Women, men, gay models, couples, and more – there are quite a few categories to choose from, and no shortage of webcam models broadcasting 24/7. Wherever your preferences happen to lead you, though, this type of website isn’t an invitation to do whatever you want; just nearly whatever you want. Remember, you’re still interacting with people. Even if they’re there to provide a service, there are still some rules to keep in mind. Respect the boundaries set by the webcam models.
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Most adult cam sites emphasize the willingness and availability of their webcam models, promising that the cam girls will even take directions from their viewers. This is certainly true, especially during private shows, but this doesn’t mean that a viewer can make any request and expect it to be fulfilled. In fact, many webcam models actually have “menus” of what they’ll do for their viewers. Many of these menus include prices for each option; if a viewer wants the model to incorporate something specific into the performance, they can send a tip and personalize the show for themselves a bit.

This is more than just a way to garner more tips, though; it’s also the model’s way of specifying what their boundaries are. Whether they’re operating within a specific niche, or they just aren’t comfortable with certain techniques, they get to choose what they’ll do on camera. Anyone who asks them to go beyond those limits isn’t just being greedy; they’re also disrespecting the preferences of the webcam model.

Don’t assume that anyone wants to be rescued.

A couple hundred years ago, the typical sex worker would have jumped at the chance to leave that life for a more reputable one. However, this is the present, and attitudes about the sex industry are changing almost as fast as the industry itself.

With this in mind, think about how it sounds when long-time viewers offer to take care of webcam models. From the model’s perspective this doesn’t sound too appealing, because they don’t have any particular reason to leave their (usually lucrative) job – especially not to be the girlfriend of some internet stranger.

The fact of the matter is, the majority of cam girls aren’t desperate for a different job, a different life, or a different place on the societal ladder. Working as a webcam model is fairly safe, especially compared to the rest of the industry, and cam girls often get to set their own prices and availability too. Many people choose not to get into webcamming because of concerns about their family’s reaction, but for others, that isn’t an obstacle.

Given all these reasons (and more), viewers who offer to be loyal and adoring boyfriends just come off as tone-deaf and a bit ridiculous. It isn’t the worst thing you could say to a cam girl, but it definitely won’t impress her either.

Remember that webcam models are professionals.

It’s all well and good to describe the adult cam industry as a matter of supply meeting demand, but that’s only part of the story. Webcam models put on shows for people who are looking for sexual fulfillment, and if someone’s opinions are too heavily informed by outdated prejudices, they could end up seeing some kind of social gulf between themselves and the models.

In this day and age, though, this isn’t really the case. As mentioned above, webcam modeling is a legitimate profession, and it’s something that many cam girls are proud of. It’s a way for them to be independent, financially stable, and safe. If religious or social expectations aren’t a concern for them, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be happy with what they do for a living.

The disconnect comes when adult cam viewers don’t have the same perspective as the models. Even if they aren’t exactly taking the moral high ground, it’s still possible that an out-of-touch viewer could act condescending towards someone who has no interest in being talked down to. This isn’t just embarrassing for the viewer; it’s also insulting to the webcam model. As long as viewers can treat cam girls like professionals, the experience will be better for everyone.

Avoid forming emotional attachments.

This part is addressed to the monkey-brains of everyone who’s reading this: sex cam shows aren’t real, they’re shows. It’s a performance, and even if you make a perfect couple in your fantasies, the webcam model probably doesn’t give you a second thought once the show is over (unless, of course, she remembers your generous tips).

To be fair, this concept does go against all the signals your brain is getting as you watch a live adult cam show. It’s easy to think that since the webcam model is putting on such a performance, she must really be into it, right? She might even be doing it because she wants attention from her viewers. Sorry – that’s just not the case.

Webcam modeling is like acting, but with a lot less clothing involved. If a viewer starts getting emotionally attached, this probably just means that they can’t tell when a woman is faking it. However, in this case, the cam girl is faking her side of the interaction because it’s her job; it’s not just to be nice. To put it simply, that’s what sex cam shows are. If a viewer needs something more, they should look for it on dating sites like Flingster instead of trying to turn their sex cam experience into something it isn’t meant to be.

All things considered, there aren’t actually that many taboos surrounding video sex chats.

Plus, the unspoken rules that do exist really aren’t that hard to follow. With some basic decency and common sense, both you and your favorite sex cam models can get what you both want with every interaction.

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