Organic Growth: Developing Your SEO Content Marketing Strategy

The Covid pandemic created a do-or-die situation for many businesses in terms of taking their businesses online. Despite years of experience as business owners, the situation was a lot like launching an all-new online business. That brought with it all the usual challenges faced by new online businesses.
Organic Growth
First, you must get your business online with a website and social media profiles. Then, you experience the joys of eCommerce integration, database management, and sorting out your shipping. Once you settle those matters, though, it mostly becomes about lead generation.

Enter the need for an SEO content marketing strategy. Not clear on how you go about developing such a strategy, keep reading for our tips on putting one together.

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What Is Content Marketing?

In essence, content marketing focuses on providing your target audience with useful, valuable, or relevant content that draws organic traffic. That means your content speaks directly to the needs and concerns of your customer base. If you sell appliances to restaurants, for example, your content must relate directly to the restaurant industry, restaurant owners, and restaurant managers. A basic content strategy focuses on these concerns.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization refers to a broad set of guidelines put out by major search engines to help your site rank better. Some of that advice applies directly to content, such as using shorter paragraphs and good readability. By combining these guidelines with the goals of content marketing, you can develop an SEO content marketing strategy.

Keyword Research

Before you can begin developing a strategy, you must understand what keywords your target base searches for when they go online. Once you pin down keywords that your target audience searches for, you can build content that incorporates those keywords.

Content Types

You must settle on what type of types of content you will produce. Will you focus primarily on blogs, or will produce reports, ebooks, and video content as well? You need a clear picture so you can address the next point.

Content Calendar

You'll need a good content calendar to help you assign content production with enough time to complete it. While someone can write a blog in a day, video content can take days or weeks.

Get Help

Not every business can produce all or even any of the content they want in-house. In cases like this, you can look for companies that specialize in SEO content creation. You can head over here to learn more about these kinds of services.

Your SEO Content Marketing Strategy

Developing your SEO content marketing strategy isn't something you can do in an afternoon. It takes time to do the research on keywords.

You must settle on the content types you want and create the content calendar. Then, that calendar needs frequent updates. You may also need to find and secure the services of content creators in the form of freelancers and companies that specialize in SEO content creation and strategies.

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