7 Best Dating Apps You Will Actually Want to Use in 2021

Find Your Soulmate Online

It's no secret. Most of us will find our soulmates on a dating site. With the options to scroll through profile pics, scrutinize personal information, it is pretty easy to know all you need about your next someone even before the first date. Online dating has saved those who are losing faith in dating a lot of stress and doubt. So, what’s the downside?
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For starters, profiles aren’t updated regularly on many sites. Fake profiles run rampant. And let's not forget “catfishing." Fortunately, the best sites are on top of these problems and strive to give you your best shot at love. Your choice of a dating app is important, but you can also tailor your dating apps experience. The first step is to get on the right site, though, and no, not the free one.

How They Work

While they seem pretty cut and dry with the easy swipe feature and a myriad of filter options, many people still have no idea how dating apps work. Remember in school when the teacher told you math would be everywhere in the modern world, and you doubted their words. Dating apps use an algorithm based on your survey questions to compile a list based on averages and percentages.

You fill out a form of likes, dislikes, preferences, physical attributes, desires, and it crunches the numbers to give you your best average in the available dating pool. You can be broad or specific, as long as you know what you want. And it can even be singled out very specific needs like religious preference, smoker or not, and even your preferences of having pets.

You know what you want, and all you have to do is program it in. Easy peasy. You want dating apps for men only; there are plenty. You want dating apps for women seeking men, swing a cat, and we guarantee you will hit one. You want dating apps free to join and message potential candidates for future dates; just remember you get what you pay for. There is a dating app for everyone.

Best Dating Apps in 2021

You are looking for your best dating apps on the best dating sites review but are still a little shy, confused, or just plain lost. Here are the best dating apps, safe to use and that will give you the most optimal results:
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1. The League

Scrutiny is the name of the game, and The League only recruits the best of the best. Think of it as the Harvard of dating apps. Instead of just signing up, you must apply for membership. The user list is very exclusive, and you can be waiting for a while to see your name on it, but there is an expedite fee to speed up your approval, or refusal, whatever the case may be. Never get buried in bad matches again.

2. Happn

Who doesn't love a meet-cute, and who doesn't hate a misconnection? If you said emphatically "me," we love that you still live the dream of fairytale romance, and Happn is perfect for you. An app started in Paris uses simple tracking systems to figure out when the best likely time will be to find your mysterious someone. It is better to know whether or not they are into you than just sit around dwelling on it. Happn is your savior from doubt.

3. Dream Singles

This is specifically a dating site for guys. If you want to meet and chat with some of the most breathtaking women in the world, try Dream Singles and find your angel. Slavic women from all over the former Soviet Union are looking for good men who have old fashion values and treat a woman with respect. In return, they offer care, loyalty, passion, and a sense of family that seems to be an almost obsolete art form.

4. Kippo

You have heard of dating apps you can filter by religion, but how about the one you can filter by gamer style. That is what Kippo brings to the table. Show off your favorite games, offer videos and screenshots, and even share pop culture references. Instead of just a picture, Kippo designs you a “trading card” style profile, complete with your information that is easy to navigate. You can even match by a specific game. Find your player 2.

5. Coffee Meets Bagel

In this metaphor, you are the coffee, and they are the bagel; isn't that clever. But a concise notion of making this app unique is not the big draw for online dating desires. Actually, the minimal amount of likes you receive each day at noon sharp makes it a great dating site. Instead of getting inundated with profiles, you get a handful at a set time. A pretty cool concept if you are a person who needs something to look forward to each day.


Of all the dating apps, HILY has one of the best ratings at 4.4 out of 5. It is because it is just a simple algorithm-based dating app with all the traditional bells and whistles. No shrewd gimmicks, no-nonsense. One thing it does have, that other dating apps of the same ilk often do not allow is video chat dating and live streams. It is built into the monthly membership where most sites charge extra for such a service.

7. Thursday

Easily the newest dating app on the market, Thursday was launched in May 2021 and has already turned heads. What makes it interesting? It only works on Thursdays. That's right. For one day a week, you get to swipe to your heart's content, and the other six days, let your swiping fingers rest. Never get fatigued from swiping right or left all day, every day. And it lets you know where your special someone is located. Could be good, could be bad. You decide.


To determine what dating apps are the best, you first must know what you are looking for in your next true love. You can't say an app is terrible if you are looking for business people and working on a site for setting up farmers. Have a list in your head of what you want, then pick the site that will get you close to your target. There are apps for literally anything. It's ok to be picky. Have you found a dating app that gave you the love you were hunting for?

Author’s Bio: Margaret Cole is a freelance journalist and psychologist working as a licensed counselor in a clinic in Boston. She is writing for different magazines and portals, including ours, covering topics related to couple’s lives, dating, etc. 

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