Why Is The Radha-krishna Image Becoming So Famous In Home Decor?

You may feel that your room requires a grand, majestic setup for a luxurious vibe. You Can easily do this without spending a lot of money on decorative pieces. Using the aesthetic of paintings in the living room and bedroom to elevate the beauty of your room is an age-old practice. They look luxurious, and their variety makes them perfect decor for rooms having different themes and wall colors. Paintings are prized possessions as they have some material value of their own. At the same time, they carry the aesthetic taste of the owner of the house.
Radha-Krishna Image
Among several types of religious paintings, Radha-Krishna paintings are highly popular as decor items. They can add beauty and luck with their presence, and at the same time, they make excellent gifts. Many people cherish the theme of the Radha-Krishna paintings, which is eternal and pure love.

Reasons Behind Choosing Radha-Krishna Image for Home Decor

The trend of using Radha Krishna paintings as decor is nothing new. It has just changed its style like a glass of old wine in a new bottle. Religious paintings have always been the preferred piece of the people favoring Vastu. The stylistic Radha-Krishna canvases have added a fresh flavor to them. But, over the years, the Radha-Krishna images have put more meaning to the room's setup than mere decoration. Hence, the number of people using the Radha Krishna for their home decor is increasing. Here are a few reasons why the trend is getting famous with time -

    1. The Indian Vastu system depicts that the presence of religious paintings in the bedroom brings luck. People think that having a Radha Krishna painting in the bedroom of a couple makes their relationship flourish. As it aligns with the Vastu of the room, it can be prosperous for the individuals. As per the Vastu, unmarried people may also put a Radha-Krishna painting in their bedroom to find a suitable match for themselves. Other than Vastu, the presence of a stunning Radha-Krishna picture on the bedroom wall can provide a sense of warmth and comfort.

    2. The Radha-Krishna Paintings are mainly themed on eternal and selfless love. The gorgeous Radha Krishna pictures are divinely beautiful and majestic. Their beauty and serenity can influence the mood of the individuals with their vibrant presence. They can bring joy and good vibes. Therefore, Radha-Krishna paintings are popular decor for the living room or bedrooms.

    3. The tale of Radha Krishna is more than an eternal love story. Recent studies have revealed that it is a representation of the connection between the jivatma and Paramatma. The jivatma needs to be entirely devoted to Paramatma. As it displays the unification of the individual self with the universal self, the presence of this painting can be auspicious and bring a serene aura to space.

Radha-Krishna themes have influenced the artists over the years. They have got stunning representations in poetry, stories, and paintings.

One Single Theme—Usage in Multiple Arena

The single theme has been treasured by the Madhubani painters. The art forms like Tanjore and Pichwai also have the eternal love of Radha-Krishna as their theme. The saga continues, and many may argue that the local art forms like 'patachitra' have been influenced by the same theme. Hence Radha-Krishna 'pat' is very common.

On occasions, the Radha-Krishna paintings have received the vibrant nature of abstract painting. Colors play a significant role in tuning the mood of an individual. Hence, keeping an abstract painting of Radha-Krishna in the bedroom and living room can fill the space with energy, warmth, and happiness. You can also put a Radha-Krishna painting in your office. This can make the room look luxurious and artistic. The black and white shade of Radha-Krishna paintings is perfect for an office lounge or visitors’ room.

Radha Krishna’s paintings are fit for all sorts of setups. For example, someone has an old traditional theme for their room. They can hang a beautiful and vivacious Radha-Krishna ceramic wall plate in their room. They may look for big Radha-Krishna canvases for their bedroom or living room.

They can also buy clusters of small and colorful Radha-Krishna paintings, which can bless the room with its beauty. On the other hand, individuals having a modern theme for room set up may get worried about using a Radha-Krishna picture, considering that it may hamper their decorations.

However, this conclusion is not correct. The Radha Krishna theme is famous for abstract paintings as well. The abstract painting theme is very apt for the modern setup of a room. You can see different colors overflowing the canvas to add beauty to your room.

The mandala arts with Radha-Krishna paintings, Madhubani paintings of Radha-Krishna tales can make your room gorgeous. Hence, apart from religious beliefs and Vastu, their beauty has made them a perfect decorative piece for the rooms.

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