Want To Get The Best From Your Facebook Business Page? Engage Your clientele First

Perhaps, you are planning to work with a Facebook Advertising Consultant. But, before that, you want to understand the basics of Facebook marketing before jumping in. Most users love sharing those holiday pictures on Facebook. But, small and big businesses use it to connect with the audience.

Stats indicate more than 2.8 billion individuals use Facebook each month. That’s a large number. If not all, at least some of these can be potential eyeballs looking for your business. Then why not connect with them?
Perhaps, you are planning to work with a Facebook Advertising Consultant. But, before that, you want to understand the basics of Facebook marketing before jumping in.
As a business owner, don’t you think you should reach out to people who are looking for you? Here are crucial tips that can guide you in understanding Facebook’s sophisticated marketing.

    1. The dynamics behind Facebook’s algorithms

You might end up with lower returns despite spending resources while Mark Zuckerberg makes money. Yes, this is precisely what happens with businesses that do not consider it necessary to understand Facebook’s algorithms. Talk in Facebook’s language if you aim to make money. You can unlock the social networking site’s full potential for your business. Your posts get ranked as per the results for four natural steps followed by the algorithm.

    2. The algorithm decides: who sees what

Four factors influence Facebook’s news feed algorithm:

  • Inventory: The algorithm analyzes posts shared by the individual via friends, pages, and groups.
  • Signals: The algorithm decides signals that can be relevant. It does so by analyzing the user behavior from the past. Statuses get more weightage than posts shared from pages.
  • Predictions: The system further mathematically calculates the probable reaction from the user to the content.
  • Relevance score: The system reaches a score based on the results for all the above factors. And this is how the social networking site offers the most relevant posts in the user’s feed.

Engaging your clientele should be the focal point

Businesses face a big disappointment when they look at social networking sites as a place to make money selling.

Users look at Facebook as a tool to help pass out those downtime hours, relieve stress, interact with friends, etc.

Thus, brands should use social networks to engage clientele. It can help in increasing the consumer base and building trust.

The process takes time, and cheap methods for gaining followers as well as likes do not help. In fact, buying fake followers and engagement can hurt businesses in the long term.

Your Facebook strategy should initially focus on understanding factors that appeal to your target audience. Use engaging content to interact with followers. You can attract the reader’s attention with images, memes, funny clips, and meaningful posts.

Facebook post types

Your perfect Facebook Business Page needs content.

Each type of post can trigger engagement in different ways.

The content style should be pre-planned as a part of your brand’s social media goals and strategy.

Here are different options for Facebook Page posts widely used worldwide:

  • Facebook stories
  • Facebook live video post
  • Facebook watch party
  • Facebook video post
  • Facebook photo post
  • Facebook text post

Chatbot offers an opportunity to be supremely responsive

Wish to use every opportunity to connect with customers? Then your business must remain available for a quick conversation with buyers on Facebook. The social network handles twenty billion messages between customers and brands each month.

Studies suggest users expect businesses to respond to messages immediately. A delay of mere ten minutes can result in angry consumers moving to another brand. Thus, it’s not just about setting up a Facebook Messenger. It will help if you remain supremely responsive.

Thankfully, there are tools like chatbots that connect with CRM and help customers with automated responses.

Groups and Marketplace work really well on a local basis

Whatever you are selling, there is someone who needs it. Always practice perseverance and consistency. Right sales pitch made at the right time to the right people can do the trick.

Small businesses can benefit from local buy and sell groups. Write a top-notch post for your product, and add a short URL for the landing page.

You can reach more interested parties by posting products for sale in the Facebook Marketplace. People looking for products in your area can message you. It works really well for local businesses.

Enhance your page post reach with Facebook Ads

At times, even super-engaging questions, fantastic imagery, and perfectly written text copy fail to attract more than two likes.

Yes, you guessed it right; Zuckerberg limits your post reach because he wants to make more money than you.

Only a tiny percentage of your Facebook Page followers will see your posts in their feed.

Here’s the surprise element!

Facebook pages with less than 10,000 followers can expect roughly around 8.18 percent organic reach for their posts.

Pages that have more than 10,000 followers get an even lesser organic reach of 2.59 percent.

Brands and businesses often find it challenging to stand out from the crowd. That’s because the Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts from family and friends.

A little boost can help…

Facebook Ads can help great content reach the target audience with a bit of boost. You can get your brand and posts in front of the right eyeballs. Ads can help in getting traffic, engaging audiences, and creating awareness.

A quick look at types of Facebook ads:

  • Lead ads
  • Instant experience ads
  • Collection ads
  • Stories ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Poll ads
  • Video ads
  • Image ads
  • Dynamic ads
  • Messenger ads
  • Augmented reality ads

Create a Facebook Business Page, go to the Facebook Business Manager or Ads Manager, and start working on your campaign. A trustworthy Facebook Advertising Consultant can help in choosing the best advertising option.

  • Choose the objective
  • Decide a name for your campaign
  • Plan your budget and schedule
  • Choose your target audience for the ad
  • Choose your Facebook ad placements options
  • Set up brand safety and cost controls
  • Create your ad

Measure Facebook advertising effectiveness with Facebook Pixel

A pixel is an analytics tool placed on websites for tracking conversions resulting from Facebook. It monitors the actions of visitors while on your website.

You can re-market to consumers who have visited your site in the past. Retargeting audiences for future ads can become easy due to the pixel code.

It’s a good idea to install pixels even if you do not intend to leap into ads immediately.

Facebook analytics offers a glimpse into campaign success

Do you think Facebook marketing is a “set-it-and-forget-it” thing? Nope, it’s not.

The only way to check what worked and what didn’t is by measuring and tracking. Your Facebook marketing strategy needs to improve constantly by learning and tweaking according to every ad’s success and failure.

Metrics such as engagement, likes, page unliking, reach, etc., can be tracked via the Facebook Insights tool. The mechanism also helps in determining the types of posts that work best for the page.

External tools like Hootsuite Insights, UTM parameters, Hootsuite Impact, Google Analytics can track website conversions and purchases due to Facebook.


Studies indicate two-thirds of the social networking site users visit Facebook Pages of local businesses at least once a week. Thus, it won’t be too bold of us to say the Marketplace is downright bustling.

You can end up breaking the bank if you select the wrong ad type and audience. You don’t wish to lose money, do you? Nobody does. So, working with a Facebook Management Company during the initial phase can be a good idea.

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