How to use the yoga wheel for back pain relief

The concept of the yoga wheel is relatively new to the yoga market, but it's just not a fun exercise to do as it becomes more significant for people's healthy lifestyles. Numerous yoga wheel benefits come out with the final result of yoga wheel to reduce problems for those people who suffer from back pain or support in bringing flexibility. The use of this yoga prop allows beginners to advanced-level people to adapt to a regular yoga routine.

In today's pandemic time, where most people are doing work from home, then the problem of back pain becomes common. In that case, yoga made it simple for people to concentrate on their work and even get relief from the back pain.

Yoga wheelset comprises multiple benefits such as stretches in the chest and lungs or supports to enhance breathing power. The rollout over the wheel or stretching with the wheel's support helps the practitioners do great yoga poses.

The best yoga wheel is considered as a 13-inch length, and it supports deep stretch under your back. At the same time, 5 inches in diameter is also the right size to fit comfortably between shoulder blades as it helps to target the muscles that create flexibility in the entire length of the spine. It resulted in relieving back pain.

The benefit of the Yoga wheel

  • Lengthening the spine:-

Probably, yoga wheel exercise is the biggest perk which not only helps to learn about balances but is also helpful for the back pain through the ability to lengthen the spine. It makes stretching tight back muscles and helps create space between the vertebrae. This also leads to making a deep massage when you roll out over the wheel. The rolling of five minutes also makes big differences in your back pain and lengthening your spine.

  • Flexibility:-

There are an endless amount of stretches you can do with the yoga wheel props as it helps to gain more flexibility in your joints, ligaments, and tendons to move freely without any pain. At present, the complaint is more related to back or neck pain due to the continuous sitting job. This is the reason why the yoga wheel has advanced form support to enhance muscle power, which gives more strength to sit or work without having pain in the back muscles.

  • Deep Massage:-

The time of the digital age where constantly hoping over the mobile, computer and games over tablet become common. This gives rise to bad neck or back poses. The yoga wheel prop is the best one to quick-fix the bad posture through adapting daily stretching with the use of a wheel. The stretching of hands or legs helps the body open the muscles, which works as a massage for the body. The frequent use of the yoga wheel may help you to get a deep massage.

Ways to use a yoga wheel

There are numerous ways that can be used to do yoga poses through the use of a mindful yoga wheel. Here are major yoga poses for back relief.

Fish Pose

Fish Pose:-

This is the pose that you can do with your chest, shoulders, and neck. The fish pose is definitely difficult to do by oneself, but you can do it perfectly with the help of a yoga wheel. The wheel supports the backside, within which it becomes easy for you to balance and open your hands by putting pressure over the wheel. This one is great to stretch the back muscle for pain relief.

Seated forward fold

  • Seated forward fold:-

The seated pose, with the help of the wheel, allows you to get a deep stretch from the heels to the neck whilst calming your body. The putting of a yoga wheel under the ankles helps you to straighten your legs which pressure the lower or upper side of the back. This results in enhancing flexibility. The more muscle opens then the reduction of the back pain. This is the reason why the use of the yoga wheel creates the best-seated position for you to get the muscles open from the ankle to the neck.

Camel Pose

  • Camel Pose:-

This pose is considered an all-around stretching that opens up the whole body and supports increased flexibility. The yoga wheel helps you to stretch your front body from the chest to the hips while improving balancing or postures of the back. This pose is found to be ideal for the reduction of anxiety and fatigue, which is increasing in the pandemic time. The constant use of the yoga wheel adds assistance to the people's poses. The best yoga wheel is one that helps you to do the pose correctly without anybody's help. Basically, the wheel is the assistant that helps you to quick-fix your body posture by yourself. This makes you feel motivated to practice it regularly without asking for help from others.


Yoga has always been considered as a stress-buster, but with the hit of the yoga wheel, the perception about yoga has changed as now yoga is not popularized for mental peace but also essential for the relief of physical pain like back/neck. It is known that pandemics have become a major reason for breaking people's emotions as well as physical health due to work from home. The yoga wheel has come out as a relieving tool for you to correct your seating or standing posture and helps you to do work for the longest hour. This can be only possible when the individual practices yoga regularly with the help of the right wheelset.

The introduction of the wheelset has also reduced the requirement of any other person's assistance to hold legs or hands for bending. Instead of this, the wheel provides aid to you to do stretches by putting body weight over the wheel. This also leads to increasing flexibility and balancing in the body. It strengthens the muscles, spines which reduce the back pain problem among youngsters, adults, or aged people. This has resulted in an improving lifestyle which helps you to grow mentally or physically.

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