How to Stay Healthy and Joyful Amidst a Busy Work Schedule

Joy can be found even in the darkest of times, only if one remembers to turn on the light. In our busy world, rushing around all the time is a badge of honour. Sundays were once thought to be restful days, but this is no longer the case. People often forget how to be happy because they are too busy making names and money for themselves. There are times when one may believe that 24 hours a day is insufficient. Juggling everything can drain your vitality. The common mistake is to focus on work instead of family. When your days have come down to being dull, that is your sign to bring back some positivity. Try these hacks to bring back the lost zeal.

Declutter Your Life

We keep many useless things in our lives just as we keep hanging on to purposeless thoughts. It is your job to identify these unwanted things and ideas and dump them in the trash. They can be anything, an old chair, unused clothes, gossip about you, or a rude comment. You can start by decluttering your wardrobe. Set aside clothes you have not worn in months and give them away in charity. Similarly, get rid of all futile thoughts. This approach will make you feel light and easy.


Meditation is widely practised around the world. It is found to be very effective. Many people have achieved peace of mind through meditation. It acts as a bridge between our body, mind and soul. When all three are aligned, only then can you find inner peace. Try meditating for at least 15 minutes each morning and night before bed.

Set Aside Personal Time

In our daily hustle and bustle, we forget to check up on ourselves. Ignoring our needs and rest makes us irritable and frustrated. It is crucial to keep some time aside for yourself and analyze your own needs. You don’t have to spend hours; only a few moments of disconnection from reality works wonders. Brew a nice cup of coffee and drink it outside in the garden. Immerse yourself in nature. Bring back memories by watching old videos and pictures.

Change Bad Habits

Bad habits are a part of us. Everyone has at least one or two. There is nothing wrong with it, but if you do not identify them, that can be a problem. Pinpoint your bad habits and jot them down. Then, try to swap them with good habits one by one. You may have the habit of procrastinating, which makes you anxious. Try scheduling and planning your day. Instead of rushing to work, wake up early.

Learn to Say ‘No’

Being the yes-man won’t make you a hero. Nobody is going to appreciate you for being a push-over. Don’t become a doormat. You will be left feeling drained and empty. Keep your boundaries at work and in relationships. Do not bite more than you can swallow.

Plan a Vacation

Always plan a vacation. This way you will have something to look forward to. It does not have to be a huge getaway. You can plan a trip to the northern areas. Or take the kids to visit their grandparents. A good hack is to keep some money aside each month and then go to your dream place with your family. Let It Go

If you quarrel with your college, don’t take it home with you. Leave it at the workplace. There does not have to be a reason for everything. Learn to accept things as they are. Go with the flow. Do not stick to your assumptions and hold on to petty issues.

Make Time for Relationships

Wise men follow the rule happy wife; happy life. If you are married, take your partner out on a date night every week. This way, you will have something to look forward to throughout the week. Often work keeps us occupied that we do not have time for our personal life. Never overlook your personal life. Strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Eat a Good Diet

You may often find yourself skipping breakfast because you are late for work. This decreases your energy levels and leaves you feeling tired. It is better to wake up early and eat a hearty breakfast to keep you energized throughout the day. Low energy levels lead to decreased efficiency, which in turn causes frustration. Also, keep snacks with you such as a fruit or vegetable salad, some nuts or a fruit yoghurt to give a boost.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise does not only provide physical health benefits. It also works magic on your mental health. You don’t exactly have to run marathons. Just a few minutes of physical activity every day will do the deed. A walk around the block or even stretching early morning makes a huge difference.

Bottom Line

The toxic hustle culture is like quicksand. Once you get into it, coming out is very difficult. Strive to achieve the best of your goals but don’t push yourself too hard. Take a breather once in a while and manage your busy schedule accordingly. But, continuous stress can lead to mental illnesses. If you need professional support, consult a psychologist in Lahore through

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