How Custom Perfume Boxes Boost Sale Better Than Other Boxes

Perfumes are no longer just a way of ridding yourself of unpleasant body odors. They have become a means of making a style statement. Perfumes are increasingly becoming popular as a luxury items in the market. Although perfumes, scents, body sprays, and mists are always in fashion, their demand is increasing with the revolution in the fashion industry. They define the style and personality of an individual with their unique ingredients. The packaging of such fashionable items needs to be equally classy and distinctive. We will talk about how you can make your custom perfume boxes worthy of your luxury perfume bottle inside.
Kraft packaging material

Best packaging materials for perfume boxes

The packaging materials for the perfume boxes wholesale must be able to keep the bottles intact and damage-free. In addition, the packaging material needs to be durable and strong so that it remains free of wear and tear. There are various packaging material options for you to choose to make the perfect custom perfume boxes. Some of these options are the following with their salient aspects so that you easily select according to your requirements.

Cardstock packaging material

Cardstock material is the most usual packaging material that is found in the packaging of all sorts of perfume brands from least to most expensive. The reason for such popular use of this material is that it is soft and flexible yet supportive. Another great feature of this packaging material is that it is very highly suitable for all kinds of colors and printing. The most vibrant, vivid, and attractive colors including neon’s appear very nicely on cardstock material. it is also most suitable for metalized colors like gold, rose-gold, silver, and holographic printing.

Rigid packaging material

A stark difference from cardstock material is rigid material owing to its very hard and thick nature. Although just like cardstock, rigid also originates from cardboard, it is however much thicker. Due to its tensile strength and resilient nature, it is the best option for the packaging of luxury items. Rigid can protect the luxury perfume bottles like no other packaging material. Thus some of the most expensive perfume brands go for rigid packaging boxes for their luxury perfumes.

Corrugated stock packaging material

Corrugated material is also a very supportive packaging option due to its cushioning property. The unique design provides a lot of support to the contents of the box. Corrugated packaging material comprises multiple sheets of cardboard material laminated together to form a single layer. The sheets on both the outer sides are flat, while the one or two sheets in the center are corrugated or fluted. This makes airspaces between the sheets. That is why perfume bottles can endure a considerable amount of pressure and damage.
Kraft packaging material
Kraft packaging material

Perfume box packaging styles

After selecting the packaging material of your choice, you can now select the style for making your custom perfume boxes. Here are some of the most popular styles for perfume packaging boxes that you can choose from.

Tuck top box

Tuck top box is the classic packaging design that is seen in the packaging of most perfume brands around the world. This box-style comprises a tuck end at the top of the box that closes at the front. The friction lock feature provides a good secure closure to the custom perfume boxes so that the perfume remains safe.

Reverse tuck end box

Reverse tuck end boxes are much similar to tuck top boxes only with an additional tuck end. These boxes have tuck end closure at both ends of the box. The top tuck end closes at the front whereas the bottom tuck end closes at the backside of the box. This serves as a very convenient box packaging that can be used from either end of the box.

Sleeve box

This packaging style comprises a two-piece box with a bottom in which the perfume is placed and a top lid. The lid design is such that it slides past the bottom end of the box forming a sleeve. The box looks similar to a box of matchsticks. A sleeve box is a great packaging option if you want to present your perfume as a gift.

Hinge box

Hinge boxes are also a design that is suitable for the packaging of luxury perfume bottles. They give a very attractive and classy presentation to the perfume with the closure design. The material suits this style of packaging is rigid material. Since rigid is the only material strong enough to support the metallic hinge placed at the back end of the closure.

Telescope box

These are two-piece custom perfume boxes that has a smaller bottom and a much larger lid. You place the perfume inside the bottom and cover it with the lid along the length. Almost the complete length of the bottle is covered by the lid. Alternatively, both the lid and bottom can be same size if perfume is placed differently.

Window cut box

Window cut boxes give the added benefit of viewing the product from inside the box without having to open it first. The window is cut out on the top of the box by the die-cutting method that helps showcase the perfume bottle. There is a seal of clear plastic on this window to protect the packaging from dust and moisture.

Magnetic closure box

The rigid material is the best option for making custom perfume boxes with magnetic closure. There is a magnet on the inside of the rigid material near the closure. The box closes with a snapping sound of the magnet and serves as a very unique and lush packaging box style for expensive perfumes.

Packaging box inserts

Inserts inside the box add to the exclusive and luxurious look of the packaging apart from giving additional safety to the perfume. The most commonly used inserts are paper and foam that are best for perfume packaging boxes. Paper inserts are cut out in the perfect shape by the die-cutting method to fix the perfume in place. Foam inserts give cushioning to the delicate perfume bottles.

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