Avail dandruff shampoo for oily scalp to get rid of social embarassment

Dandruff is a type of fungal infection on the scalp. After getting affected by dandruff, white flaky scales start coming out from the scalp and falling on the shoulder and other parts around the scalp. This condition can be arrested by taking personal care. People can start using shampoo which is effective for reducing dandruff. This condition of the scalp is deeply related with oily scalp. The flakes cannot move out from the scalp and it resides on it with a dense pack of scales. So, people can use dandruff shampoo for oily scalp for effective reduction of the condition.
dandruff shampoo

Causes of oily scalp

The causes of problems with oily scalp are to produce excess oil from the skin cells. This oil with flakes creates a dense pack of flaky mass. Oily scalp is not considered a disease. Still, an oily scalp helps to stick dandruff rigidly. There are many causes of oily scalp due to many reasons. One cause may be hormonal imbalances. So, greasy scalp helps to increase dandruff. Shampoos can be helpful in reducing dandruff. There are various brands of shampoos in the market for reduction of dandruff. But, Ketomac may be the best dandruff shampoo for oily scalp. Ketomac shampoo helps to reduce dandruff. Regular use of shampoo will control dandruff and flaky mass will not create social embarrassment.

Process of destroying fungi

Ketomac is a reputed brand which produces ketomac shampoo for controlling dandruff from scalp. The product contains ketoconazole which is a synthetic agent as 2% in aqueous suspension. The component is an antifungal agent and can destroy fungi from the scalp. Ketomac shampoo is treated as dandruff shampoo for oily scalp. It attacks the fungi by rupturing the cell membrane .Actually ergostero , a vital component of cell membrane cannot be synthesized and cell membrane gets leaked. For this reason, the internal content of fungi is poured out. In this process, fungi on the scalp are killed. Ketomac shampoo is best in the market for reduction of dandruff in the scalp.

Controlling of dandruff at early stage

Researchers from many brands are inventing different types of antifungal agents to kill fungi. So, people can use any selected favorite shampoo for application against dandruff. This problem of oily scalp with dandruff creates mess on hair. This problem may create itching of the scalp. So, this problem of dandruff should be controlled at the initial stage. Otherwise, it may create further aggravated problems. A small oil on the scalp can be managed. But, too much oil gland in a particular area can create allergic conditions with pinkish surface. So, negligence towards dandruff with oily scalp may lead to allergic conditions due to auto immune disorders.


Dandruff is common problem to many humans including men and women. It creates flaky mass and this may fall on shoulder and may cause of social embarrassment. This condition of dandruff can be controlled with ketomac shampoo to destroy fungi by rupturing the cell wall. If dandruff is controlled at early stage, condition can be managed. Otherwise, it may lead further problems.

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