7 Extraordinary Ways To Have an Amazing Indoor Cat Play Area

As a cat owner, you must ensure that your pet will live a high-quality life. You can do this not only by providing diet and visiting veterinarians regularly but also by allocating space in your house to serve as the cat’s play area. A research study revealed that cats will have an active lifestyle and be happier if they can play for more than 15 minutes every day. As a result, you can prevent your cat from experiencing obesity and other physical health problems.

Now that you know the benefits of having a play area for your cats, now is the time to have one in your home. It does not have to be luxurious and too spacious especially if you are working in a limited space. You can turn one of the corners of your living room into your cat’s heaven. Your pet will appreciate it even if the space you will provide is not a full-on cat playground. Check out the design ideas below to have a great cat room like no other.

    1. Add a Vincenzo chair

Vincenzo chair
If you want to give your cats a comfortable place to stay while having an extra space for you, then consider the Vincenzo chair. This Vincenzo chair is uniquely handmade with a height of 75 cm, a width of 130 cm, and a seat height of 47 cm. It is a circular chair coated in purple with unmatched quality. No matter how many scratches the Vincenzo chair will receive from your cats, it can withstand them and last for the years to come. Aside from the durability, you will also admire the Vincenzo chair because of its style that exudes a feeling of grandeur. Whenever you want to post your cats on your social media accounts, you can simply put them on the Vincenzo chair and you can already have instagrammable photos. The Vincenzo chair is the perfect investment furniture to have in your cat’s play area.

    2. Install catwalks to the walls

The unique thing about cats compared to other pets is their ability to jump six times their length. So after purchasing a Vincenzo chair, you now have to install catwalks to the walls. They will serve as your kittens’ playground where they can jump from one place to another showcasing their acrobatic skills. There are some considerations before you install the catwalks. Make sure that they are durable and wide enough to carry your pets for safety purposes. You might want to consider the largest size since your cats will still develop for the coming years. When installing, you have to place them at different heights to give your pets more than enough space to explore.

    3. Designate a space to be used as storage

storage space
Cats are curious about everything that they see and they have a habit of getting into things that they should not be accessed at the moment like food. If you are thinking of putting your pets’ food and other essentials in the play area, you have to place them in a heavy-duty container. In this way, they will remain safe, secure, and fresh. You will avoid encountering a play area that is full of scattered treats and items. You might also want to keep the place tidy by placing all their toys in one tote bag or bin.

    4. Purchase multi-purpose furniture

The play area should not just be a place where your cats can bite their toys and explore different games but it must also be where you spend quality time with them. To ensure that it will be one of the best places for you to hang out with your cats, make sure to purchase multi-purpose furniture like an ottoman-cat bed combo. You can also find other furniture pieces that will let you create a pet-friendly living space.

In a Nutshell

Since your cats are considered family members, you have to give them a comfortable space where they can attain a healthy lifestyle. Not only can it make them live longer but it also saves you from spending a huge amount of money for hospitalization. The listed design ideas above are extremely helpful to achieve the play area that your cats dream of having!

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