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Looking for the best plagiarism checking tool? Don’t worry today we are going to tell you all about the check for plagiarism tool that you can use for the simple and free checking of plagiarism! You should know that the plagiarism detector or copyright checker tools that we will discuss today are one of the simplest tools to use and they surely top the list of the free online plagiarism checkers! So without wasting any time, we will like you guys to read this three-minute article in detail so that you can easily learn all about these tools and can also start using them without any confusion and misconception about them!

Check for Plagiarism with Smallseotools.Com

The first free online plagiarism checker in our list is by the famous website that is also known by its cliché name that is small SEO tools! This site has several tools but its plagiarism detector is on the top. You can visit this page and can get the best services related to search engine optimization! The smallSEOTools is considered to be the best solution providing a platform for every problem that you face on your website and in your content! Now you should know as the rules related to plagiarism have become very much strict, for this very reason it has become important that you simply get your document to check for plagiarism!

Now when you navigate the copyright checker by small SEO tools, you will see that a completely easy to understand interface will open up and this same page will help even the most layman to use this tool quite easily! Now, first of all, you will see a text box in which you can either write the text directly, paste the text after copying it! Below the text box, you will see different options which will allow you to upload the different formats of documents which include .tex, .txt, .docs, .odt,.pdf , .rtf and other writing platforms too! You can also upload your documents directly from the Google drive or the Dropbox! This is an important feature of the plagiarism checker tool that you can use!

Now consider some important factors about the tool! First of all, know that you can only check 1000 word articles with the help of this tool but don’t worry about the number of documents as there is no limit to it and you can get these unlimited services for free too! Yes! The small SEO tool’s plagiarism checker is a free tool that you can use to get rid of plagiarism! Now here we will like you guys to know about an important factor about the tool, and that is that it can check website plagiarism if you enter the URL of the website that needs to be checked for plagiarism! You can also exclude the URLs that you don’t want to check for and compare your text with!

With this tool not only you can check plagiarism but can also check grammar!

Check for Plagiarism with The DupliChecker!

Now the other tool in our list is by the Dupli checker, and we will recommend you to check for plagiarism with this simple and easy to use tool! Now, this tool is also considered to be one of the best tools in the market, and this is generally because of the reason that it is a web-based program which offers you free and reliable services! The database of the tool is very large and it keeps on getting updated on a regular basis without you worrying about the lack of checking with respect to some websites! You should know that this tool will only leave the sites and not compare them which you would exclude by entering the URL!

Now you should know that this is a platform which will require you to register yourself with the tool in order to get free and reliable services! After you register yourself, you get 50 documents per day and thousand-words per search. That means you would roughly get 50k words worth checking in a day and you should know that this number is a lot to use for even a professional writer!

Now you don’t have to worry about the document type that is accepted with this tool as it simply is capable of checking plagiarism in different formats of writings and not only that, but it will also check different languages! Just like the plagiarism checker that we have mentioned above, the plagiarism checker by the Dupli checker is also capable of checking your content for grammar and fixing the errors automatically! We will recommend you guys to use these tools so that you can easily get rid of the problems related to plagiarism and can simply develop a professional and original document authenticated by a reputed and registered service!

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