How to Reduce Fuel Consumption

The issue of savings is becoming more and more relevant due to the constant rise in fuel prices. How can you reduce your gas mileage? Let's try to figure it out.

How to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Reducing gasoline costs

Progress does not stand still and we need to keep up with it. A modern solution that will help not to go broke at the gas station is fuel cards for gasoline. The method is simple, affordable and effective, but not used by many motorists. How can a fuel card help you save your family budget? It all depends on the type of card chosen:

  • Liter

Fix the cost of gasoline at the time of purchase. A further increase in prices does not affect you in any way until the purchased volume of fuel runs out. This option also allows VAT refunds not only for fuel but also for additional services offered by the filling station network.

  • Currency

It involves replenishment of the card for a certain amount. The higher the balance on the card, the more discounts the owner receives. In addition, oil trader companies often sell fuel to cardholders at a lower cost than stated at gas stations.

Tips for those who don't have a car yet

If you are just planning to buy a car, pay attention to the characteristics that will help you save on gasoline in the future:

  • Dimensions. Choose oversized, lightweight cars.
  • Transmission. A manual transmission consumes 10% less fuel than an automatic transmission.
  • Engine capacity. The smaller it is, the more economical.

Additional ways to reduce fuel consumption

A lot of factors influence fuel consumption. You can save fuel not only by using fuel cards but also by using additional tricks. So the cleanliness of the air filter, a sufficient level of air pressure in the tires and the lack of overall tuning will reduce fuel consumption. Low driving speed and a neat, smooth manner of driving (abrupt start and braking require a lot of gasoline) allow reducing costs.

Aerodynamic impairments are another factor affecting fuel consumption. Opening the car windows, like the roof rack, increases drag, forcing more fuel to be used to drive. A working air conditioner (or a stove) forces motorists to overpay at the gas station (about 20% of the fuel is spent on ensuring the operation of climatic equipment).

India is all set to introduce the low-cost, ecofriendly 'biodiesel' as an answer to expensive and polluting fuels.

Biodiesel made from natural and renewable sources such as soya bean, rapeseed, peanuts and other vegetable oils -- will be launched at Rs. 14.50 per liter in India. 

Biodiesel is less polluting than conventional diesel as it reduces emissions of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulate matter.

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