Should You Buy Fresh Mushrooms or Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits?

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To buy magic mushroom kits is thus far the simplest way to begin growing mushrooms at home. It’s because the palatable mushroom grow-kits are entirely novices-friendly- needing almost no unique expertise, tools, or the other gear. The simple to use mushroom kits permit new growers to feel what it is like to farm mushrooms without delving deep into the hobby. If you don’t want to buy magic mushrooms online, you have another option to purchase mycelium grow kits and spores. So that you will not need to buy fresh mushrooms, as you will be able to produce them on your own.

Are Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Worthy of Buying?

If you can unearth a top-notch kit, you should purchase it. There are too many branded mushroom kits available online to farm different mushroom species; it’s worth conducting a bit of research before buying any mushroom kit. With a top-notch branded mushroom kit, you will relish growing mushrooms from scratch. We recommend you to buy magic mushroom grow kits that the magic mushroom users recommend. Don’t worry if you are a novice grower; mushroom grow kits can ease your way of farming magic mushrooms.

What Is a Mushroom Grow Kit?

A grow kit is fundamentally a pre-settled ‘fruiting-block’ that has not yet been put into settings that make it want to yield mushroom bags. The mycelium contained block is usually contained in a ‘mushroom grow bag’ that can sit lethargically for quite some time, mainly if you keep it cool in a fridge. You can buy mycelium grow kits and spores for diverse mushrooms, although some types of mushrooms aim for better kits than others. A mushroom grow-kit is your ticket to cultivating magic mushrooms. If you are new to growing mushrooms with a grow kit, keep the following three steps in your mind:

1. Soak the kit into the water.

2. Scratch back some mycelium.

3. Keep the kit wet and near indirect light.

Gold Teacher Magic Mushroom Grow Kit:

Golden Kit Magic Mushroom is one of the best mushrooms grow kits available online today. It’s a spiritual classic, which is around for ages. The bright yellow gold caps and wise teachings have given this grow kit its rightful name. Let’s have a look in detail at this grow kit.

Introduction to the Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom:

It’s beloved magic mushroom strain amongst the cultivators and psychonauts for years. The cultivators adore Golden Teacher spores, as they grow in great blushes. The psychonauts adore them, as the psychedelic journey of growing the magic mushrooms through them have a deep impact.

The History of Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms:

Some believe that a sample of Golden Teacher found growing wild in Florida during the middle of the 1980s. The words disseminated fast, chiefly owing to Golden Teacher’s golden caps with the yellow spots. Compared to many other magic mushrooms, Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are quite vast and graceful in appearance.

The Aspects of a Golden Teacher Grow Kit:

The first blush of Golden Teacher (GT) will typically render you medium-sized magic mushrooms, and the flushes afterward will undoubtedly be larger and fatter. The caps of mushrooms which grew through GT grow kits are 5 centimeters (cm) in diameter and quite plain as they grow entirely. Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are not as prompt fruiting as other Psilocybe Cubensis, but as they get farmed even under less than best conditions, it makes them a favorite of first-time growers.

How to Cultivate Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms?

If you don’t want to buy fresh mushrooms but want to grow them, Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are for you. There are two ways to farm your fresh mushrooms mentioned below:
  1. Deploy a Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Grow Kit that is optimal for cultivators wanting to grow magic mushrooms easily and quickly.
  2. If you are one of those cultivators who wish to customize the cultivation process to improve yield, you should use Golden Teacher spores.

Deploying a Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Grow Kits:

For cultivating the magic mushrooms, you will need to follow the simple instructions that come with a kit. Here are those instructions to help you out:

  1. Open the box cautiously and eradicate the grow kit, paper clip, and bag. Take the lid away from the kit, rinse them while having your masks and gloves in place.
  2. Now place the plastic grow bag on a firm surface and settle the mushroom grow kit steadily in the bottom. Lightly tuck the bag's open-top under the grow bag such that the perforated side gets to the top. You don’t need additional air circulation at this stage.
  3. A grow kit should get placed in a bright location out of direct sunlight; the ideal temperature for growing magic mushrooms is 18 to 28 degrees Celsius.
  4. After one week of setting up the kit for farming, the first mushrooms, known as ‘pins’ will appear. At this stage, pull the bag's folded top from under the grow box, then open it up on top.
  5. In two weeks from the original setups, the first mushrooms get ready to harvest. Do it before releasing spores; contingent on temperature, moisture levels, and other factors, the mushrooms may take less or more time to occupy maturity.

Deploying Golden Teacher Spores:

Try cultivating your next mushrooms with spores. It’s a part of advanced mushroom cultivation. Deploying spores can help you save money and aid you in maximizing your yield. You can easily buy spores online, and they are available in vials, prints, and syringes.

Effects of Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms:

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms render a slightly high psychedelic effect, and these are a basic mushroom trip for newbies known for their shamanistic properties or spiritual effects. They may give you a feeling of enlightenment, connecting you to nature.


If you don’t want to buy magic mushrooms online, consider buying grow kits to grow them. Grow kits are worth buying, as they can ease your way of farming magic mushrooms. You must keep three simple steps in your mind if you are new to purchasing magic mushrooms. Lastly, if you want to experience growing magic mushrooms online as a newbie, you should prefer growing them with Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit.

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