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Self-paced learning and skill building is all the rage nowadays, especially since YouTube has tutorials for literally any topic available, from beginner level going all the way up to advanced level. That is because people found that today’s busy lives rarely allowed for traditional skill building at vocational centers or their like. They found that self-paced learning, either from books, or from online video tutorials was the better way to go.

Blogs are a great way for many, those just starting out in a skill, or even experts, to find or disseminate knowledge while levelling up their skill. Such is the case with web design and web development. Just learning from tutorials or books would never be enough to become an expert in any skill, rather you need to frequent discussions such as on forums or blogs, and learn from those who are more skilled or experienced than you. That is how you can truly excel in a skill.

A common belief is that blogs are for those who are just starting out, or have relatively less experience. But that is incorrect. Writing and reading blogs regarding your field is a sure fire way to keep yourself up to date with the new technologies, know about the problems that might occur in specific scenarios and how to fix them, as well as allow you to spread the fruits of your experience and the knowledge gained to the newbies and amateurs just looking for help to their problems or seeking to advance their knowledge.

But how to find the right blogs? Limited time on your hand asks that you spend time efficiently, and knowing which blogs to frequent is the way towards that. Therefore we have compiled a list of what we believe are the best blogs for those in the field of web development. These blogs will not only keep you up to date with the modern happenings in the field of web development, but will also allow you to acquire new skills and upscale those you already have.

Top Web Development Blogs to Follow:

This list is a mixture of blogs that are not only useful for beginners, but are especially beneficial for the experts working at a web development company as well, as it allows for lively content and discussions to start up, which is essential for learning.

  • CSS-Tricks


This blog mostly has articles on topics relation to web-development from the front-end perspective. They focus on topics on how to build good, clean websites, which are written by a large team of expert staff writers, and a number of guest writers as well, to provide a well-rounded collection of content for readers. A resource especially important for newbies and those with less experience.

  • CodePen Blog Web Development

This blog is a little different than others. Not only does it have a lot of informative blogs, it also allows you to experiment with your code online and check out the results in real-time, hence the name CodePen. This not only allows you to test your experimental code easily, it also allows you to share code with others, and ask for help if needed. So a good tool, especially for those with a little experience.

  • Creative Bloq

While it may look like a blog focused more on design, and it may be frequented by a large number of designers, it has a large number of blogs that are surprisingly detailed and full of knowledge about web development. It contains a number of blogs in the latest web development blogs such as the implementation of Big Data, the importance of animation in web development, the working of grid systems and much more, which is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge for web developers of any skill level. freeCodeCamp One of the best known, and in our opinion, one the best services around for web developers, period. They have a number of courses for developers for free, and a highly engaging YouTube channel, full of informative content.


This blog is not only very useful for both amateur and expert developers, it is quite popular as well. They have a variety of video tutorials, courses, latest news as well as a lively and supportive online community to help out.

Knowing what blogs to visit is just one part of the equation to advancing your skills. The next part is, in our opinion, the hardest part. Implementing what you learn from these blogs is very important, and if you ever benefited from these blogs, then it is your duty to contribute to the community as well. A community is what we call the members of any blog or forum, and to be a community, we not only have to take, but to give as well. We highly suggest that you visit these blogs, and when you find the ones you like, regularly visit them to read up on new topics.

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