WordPress E-commerce Plugins: Top 5 choices to consider in 2020

Wordpress is globally popular as a CMS platform mainly because of its versatility with a multitude of plugins and themes that allow anyone to customise his website with unique features and look and feel. If you want to turn your existing website into an e-commerce store or just want to add a shopping cart for transactions, there are several plugins to help you out in this regard.

E-commerce Plugins

Before you reach out to a Wordpress development company for adding some eCommerce features, getting a comprehensive idea about the best available Wordpress eCommerce plugins can really be helpful. Here we are going to explain the leading WordPress eCommerce plugins to make your choice easier.


WooCommerce the e-commerce plugin from Wordpress undoubtedly is the most helpful for adding e-commerce features to your existing Wordpress website. Even without the Wordpress ecosystem, it stands to be the most popular and widely accepted e-commerce solution. 

Key Advantages of WooCommerce

While Woocommerce comes as a Wordpress plug-in, once you install it and turn your existing website into an e-commerce store, you can further add various Woocommerce plugins to expand the features and capabilities as per your need. Woocommerce offers plugins for every single feature imaginable for an e-commerce store.

  • Woocommerce is a free plugin to turn your existing website into an e-commerce store and that too without compromising on features and shopping experience.
  • Woocommerce offers a robust ecosystem of plugins and themes to help you start a web store and most of these plugins come as free.
  • Woocommerce is built and maintained by Automattic, the organisation behind the WordPress and it shares the same maintenance, constant value additions and security updates like the Wordpress platform.
  • Woocommerce is very customisable to shape the look and feel of your branded web store and offers hundreds of high quality themes that come as free or premium ones.  


While BigCommerce is already known as a separate and fully operative e-commerce platform, even Wordpress users can use BigCommerce plugin for turning their website into a web store or for incorporating e-commerce features in their website.

Key Advantages of BigCommerce plugin

BigCommerce is a great e-commerce plug-in for online content publishers across the platforms. Many websites and blogs and video content makers start small but become popular and bigger over time. For them to sell their contents and other merchandise through a Wordpress website, BigCommerce can be a great plugin.

  • BigCommerce is already a leading e-commerce CMS platform by its own right and naturally the plugin helps offering advanced e-commerce advantages to the users.
  • BigCommerce working alongside several payment gateways and payment processing solutions can help you fulfill your requirements for online transactions.
  • BigCommerce is known as a pretty fast and feature-rich e-commerce platform to ensure a great shopping experience for the customers.
  • BigCommerce is also great for smoothly running multiple e-commerce websites. 


Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the world with millions of small and medium businesses and startups preferring this platform. While it is a managed standalone e-commerce CMS system, it also comes as a Wordpress plug-in to help Wordpress websites turn into web stores.

Key Advantages of Shopify plugin

  • Shopify plug-in works great for the beginners and small startups who are just making their first web store or adding e-commerce features to their websites.
  • Shopify is a great platform for all kinds of merchandise including both digital and physical goods and commodities.
  • Shopify comes well equipped with inventory management features ranging from order trackers to inventory editor.
  • Shopify offers a whole range of payment options to integrate for online and mobile transactions.
  • With Shopify you have the built-in tools and ready help for integrating social media platforms and other third-party tools like email clients.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is the leading e-commerce platform that allows selling and merchandising digital contents. The platform offers Wordpress plugins to sell and market digital contents and goods that can be downloaded or installed. You can sell download ready video contents, PDFs, software applications and many others by integrating the plugin with your existing Wordpress website.

Advantages of Easy Digital Downloads

  • Easy Digital Downloads is a leading Wordpress eCommerce plug-in for merchandising digital contents and digital products in a convenient manner. When it comes to Wordpress plugin development, it offers a unique solution for merchandising digital products. Here are the key advantages of the plugin explained.
  • The plugin is designed and developed from the ground up to facilitate selling digital products and contents.
  • It is extremely easy to use and allows easily adding digital products and displaying them for merchandising.
  • The plugins further help with hundreds of useful extensions for different features and addons including payment gateways, marketing platforms and other services.
  • The plugin practically works with any WordPress theme and allows creating the look and feel of your preference. 
  • The plugin comes with meticulous documentation and provides free support forums, free video and other tutorials. 

WP EasyCart

The WP EasyCart is a well acclaimed WordPress eCommerce plugin that has started to gain popularity and traction these days. WP EasyCart is the ideal plugin for small business owners with WordPress websites. Moreover, it is an ideal plugin for small businesses with no developer background.

Key advantages of WP EasyCart

  • The WP EasyCart comes with compatibility and ease of use that small businesses with low online footprint needs to shape their e-commerce aspirations. Let's have a quick look at the key advantages of this Wordpress eCommerce plug-in. 
  • The plugin comes with a free plan allowing to merchandise unlimited products and multiple tools for integrating features and functionalities ranging from taxes, product variants, and video contents.
  • The plugin also comes with a premium plan that offers several value added features for small businesses and the pricing is quite affordable.
  • The plugin offers a lot of extensions that are ideal for small businesses. Some of the most helpful and user-friendly extensions offered by the plugin include MailChimp, Quickbooks, Groupon, Stamps.com, etc.
  • The plugin also offers great customer support without requiring to pay a penny. Though for email and phone support you need to be a premium user.
  • WP EasyCart is the right Wordpress eCommerce plug-in to allow you merchandising a whole range of low-key products and deliverables such as eBooks, donations, invoices, video content, PDFs, etc
  • When you compare the plugin in regard to the cost of other similar Wordpress plugins, it comes as incomparably cheap and affordable.
  • WP EasyCart offers a very simple and easy to use interface for small business owners gradually spending more online time for their businesses. 


All the Wordpress eCommerce plugins that we mentioned here have one thing in common. All of them, without much efforts and complexity, help business owners to turn their Wordpress websites into e-commerce stores. This is enough reason to use these plugins for creating Wordpress e-commerce stores.

Author Bio: Yakshit Bose is the Senior Developer at leading Web Development Company CMARIX Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. He is an experienced WordPress developer. He likes to share his thoughts on Web development, CMS development, and Technology News.

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