What Is A Podcast? What Are The Different Types Of Podcasts?

Types Of Podcasts

We are living in the digital era of CryptoCurrency, Augmented Reality, Data Chain, and Artificial Intelligence. Technologies are advancing every day, and people are moving fast forwardly towards the future. The definition of what is a podcast can continue to change in the upcoming world.

Nonetheless, for now, podcasts are audio files that revolve around a specific topic or theme. You can simply equate the types of podcasts as,

iPod + Broadcast = Podcast

In plain English, podcasts are popular blogs, shows, sequences, topics, and similar quantity in the form of recordings. You can listen to these without any effort and download them for playing whenever you want. People listen to these online audio broadcasts for relaxing while continuing their everyday chores.

What Is A Podcast In Types And Numbers?

The idea of what is a podcast in figures seems challenging. According to Oberlo, there are more than 850,000 currently active podcasts worldwide with over 30 million episodes.

People are fond of listening podcasts during a workout, walking, resting, driving, jogging, and much more. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about all the different types of podcasts popular among listeners.

The Interview Podcast

This type of podcast revolves around two people – the interviewer and the guest. In this audio broadcast, the host invites a new guest in every episode for sharing experience and expertise. Soon after winding up the brief introduction, the host asks a series of questions from the guest.

You can find a constant theme in such podcast types that revolves around a regular conversation. It is an engaging audio file as you get to know about some popular icons and come across interesting stories. Podcasts interviewing celebrities are available on media stores through featured discount codes for fans.

The Monologue Podcast

Of all the types of podcasts, monologues are the simples to handle. These are the most common audio broadcasts because they require a single person for the recording. Anyone can start podcasting for this category. In this audio file, listeners come across a person speaking about different topics.

These can be engaging, informative, funny, and sometimes boring. Most often, brand ambassadors switch to such podcasts for marketing products. While it is a powerful tool for brand building, individuals use it for gaining popularity among the audience.

The Storytelling Podcast

Stories are an excellent way to engage people either in audio or video format. The storyteller podcasts attract listeners quickly. You can mostly find only one speaker in such recordings. Basically, there are two types of storytelling podcasts.

Nonfictional Storytelling Podcast

In this version of stories, you acknowledge people about true experiences. These are based on true life events of different genres. You can find funny, thriller, suspense, horror, and adventure stories in such podcasts.

Some stories keep continuing in different episodes while you can also have each podcast for a single account. Moreover, this category of storytelling audio broadcasts is also used for sharing autobiographies.

Fictional Storytelling Podcast

The fictional audio broadcasts are for story lovers. These include interesting stories of mythical, historical, magical, mysterious, and similar genres. It is easier to host this version of storyteller podcasts. The owner can choose and make up their own story unless it is engaging and bringing the audience.

For story writers and filmmakers, this is the right format. People can quickly get addicted to these podcasts. Most often, a single story is extended in all the episodes of a fictional story podcast.

The Educational Podcast

Educational type of podcasts is similar to learning “what is a podcast?” and teaching others. These are audio files relating to a single topic or course. An educational podcast will involve more than one teacher discussing different informative issues.

Sometimes, these can be about short courses and download in the form of audio guides for learning. Or you can also receive these podcasts from a single host giving information. Most often, this category of recordings is conversational. Listeners get engaged with several people discussing news, latest technology, inventions, or more.

The Conversational Podcast

Hearing to a conversational podcast is like listening to a chat between friends. It involves a discussion among people on topics of different interests. Listeners can search for their genres and download podcasts. These are easy to listen as it is easy to stick with the flow from any episode.

Most often, these podcasts continue for more than one episode. Also, some episodes can have a group of people as hosts. These audio broadcasts are sometimes similar to educational podcasts.

Final Words

The quest of what is a podcast can be summed up in three plain words. These are ‘online audio broadcasts’ available all over the web. Podcasting is easy to learn and popular. It has plenty of benefits and a lot of types. You can adopt the profession once you start listening to podcasts.

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