8 Things to look for in a Quality T-Shirt

There are so many people in the world that like the t-shirt so much. They do not have a single t-shirt but they used to wear a lot of t-shirts. A large number of men and women around the world like to wear this core item. Its value should not be underestimated by you. A garment that is perfectly made can take your brand to a very high level. Because of their comfortability in wearing and versatility these are liked by a lot of people. These are basically available not at a very high price. Now I will tell you 8 things to look for in a quality t-shirt.

Quality T-Shirt

1. It should not create wrinkles – The cloth of the t-shirt must not accumulate abnormally and it has to be smooth around the seams. The fabric will be pushed inwardly if stitch tension is very high. Breaking of the stitches can happen if the elastic band is very tight and its appearance will not look good also.

2. Positioning should be perfect – For a good fit and appearance of the t-shirt, the seams should be perfectly positioned. You must not move forward or drop the side and shoulder seams when a garment is worn by you. To check the straightness of the seam you have to examine it. Wearing of the garment will become uncomfortable to you if shifting of the seam happens. It will not give an attractive look also. All these things are checked in the garments that are fit perfectly. The issues can be corrected after identification with the help of sewers who are skilled in their work.

3. Frayed edges should not be present – A t-shirt will be called as poorly made if after first washing the edges are frayed. So, you should always overlock the seams and completely cover the edges that are raw.
If from the inner side the finish is clear, even and neat then the item will be called perfectly made.

4. Problems in sewing – If for producing a garment a jersey fabric is used then there are chances of problem of stitches skipping. A direct passage is not given to the needle but it has to pierce upto a certain level with the help of a knit made of elastic. Stitches are not completely formed because of this property of elastic knit. The threads that are not hooked remain on the upper side of the cloth. If the side seam and underarm seam are not aligned then it is also a big defect. The appearance of the garment will not be good if the stitch per inch is not correct.

5. Color of the t-shirt – The tone of the t-shirt will be the same if it has been manufactured by the use of a single color. There is no surety that every part of the garment will be of the same tone even if the same fabric is used for all the pieces of the garment. So, the main body fabric’s color can be different from the sleeve fabric’s color. It can be very difficult to put colors nicely if some ribbing is there, so we should always take care of this.

6. Check for the wavy appearance – While sewing the garment if some over-stretching happens then it looks wavy. Some small loops that are crosswise will appear if you will be checking the knits. The materials can be widened if the loops are pulled by so much force. The reason behind this can be operation or machinery errors.

7. Details of design – The t-shirt will look more attractive if designs are printed on it. Methods of printing that are so much popular today are acrylic painting and heat transfer. You have to take care always while printing because if beading or other embellishments are present on the garment then it can be damaged or can get a bad look.

8. Choice of fabric – The fabric that is used in making the t-shirt determines if a particular garment will make you feel good. If you want your fabric to be breathable and soft then you have to use cotton. On the other hand, if your garment is made of synthetic fiber then it can not absorb much water and can not give you much comfort.
You can use a t-shirt design software to put quotes and unique designs on the t-shirt.

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