Why Work Alongside a Digital Marketing Consultancy Company?

Realizing an effective marketing plan requires, as a first step, the execution and analysis of different actions, knowing how to place each marketing technique in a strategic process and design real scenarios. What else can a digital marketing consultant do for your business?

If you want to start new projects in your business, restructure it digitally or start a new one to maximize and optimize results, it's time to take advantage of a digital consultancy service that helps you organize ideas and concepts, implement strategies and deal with various phases of the project, from the initial brainstorming to the development and execution of the project itself.

What does digital marketing consultancy consist of?

The marketing consultancy Digital as a guide for companies that want to position themselves in the online world, through a process of evaluation, optimization and development of their activities.

Businesses must develop a methodology that guarantees their success, both in light of the efforts made and of the investments in the Internet. To do this they need professional and qualified help. Digital consultancy companies help you to have an optimized and correct digital presence.

Why rely on digital marketing advice?

Perhaps many will think that the company's department or marketing manager can advise you without any problems. But is not so. The consultancy services offer a new vision and a level of specialization difficult to reach with internal resources.

Here are the reasons why you should go to a digital marketing consultancy company:

External perspective: one of the main reasons for a consultation is its external perspective. In this way we see things with greater clarity and, above all, objectivity.

Specialization: A digital consultancy company provides specialists in each of the digital marketing areas: UX, SEO, Social Media ... By working alongside specialized professionals, resources and timing can be optimized.

Costs: time is money and consultancy has the ability to save society a lot of time. His specialization will cause problems to resolve faster.

ROI: good advice will ensure that the investment is worthy and measurable through the results obtained. It will in fact be possible to evaluate its profitability (Return On Investment).

How can a marketing consultancy help my company?

It can develop online marketing plans, define digital strategies to position itself on the market and grow, develop, implement them as well as propose the type of communication necessary to achieve the target public of the company.

In addition to all this, it goes into detail to analyze the different fundamental aspects for the development of any business. Here are a few:

1. Web page

A consultation analyzes what you need, which technology is the best for the development of your site and for business in general. It helps you to design a website that represents your brand and which, at the same time, is more attractive to customers and that converts better.

2. Digital communication

A digital consultant analyzes the current and real situation of your company, defines and develops the profile of the potential customer (Buyer Persona) to whom you will turn, establishes and implements a 360- degree Marketing plan starting from market analysis, competition and the commercial objectives set. Finally, another fundamental point is to determine which digital channels the company will be present on (social networks, corporate blogs, etc.) on the basis of a specific business strategy.

3. Sales strategy

One of the main differences between digital and traditional marketing is that online advertising helps improve positioning and increase the number of people in your community. A digital consultancy establishes which are the most appropriate campaigns to launch, when to launch them, with which criteria of segmentation and types of content, and - moreover - helps to keep constantly in step with the different types and / or formats of advertising to be proposed in the media digital. In other words, where and how we must be able to sell our product or service.

4. Measurement of results

All these aspects are not effective if you do not measure everything that determines the success or failure of the project: number of visits to the company website, calculation of the ROI of the different digital campaigns, conversion rates, new customers, etc. The consultant will help you define an online dashboard that allows you to evaluate the performance of the digital strategy.

5. Technological tools

The implementation and therefore the use of Marketing Automation tools is fundamental today. There are many and different options available on the market, so the experience of a technology consultant can help you find the one that best suits your company's needs. The consultant will also support the implementation and subsequent adoption by the different teams so that you can take full advantage of them. Today this is one of the most valuable services that can be purchased.

Digital Marketing consulting in a few steps

Once chosen, the consulting firm will work by performing the following actions:

Phase 1: SWOT preliminary analysis. It is important to know where to start and make an analysis of the competitive situation, the sector of reference, market opportunities, weaknesses, etc.

Phase 2: Definition of SMART objectives. It is essential to establish clear objectives, in line with those of the business, before defining what actions to take. In addition, a comparison and evaluation of the metrics and sales must be carried out and a digital conversion funnel design to be followed.

Phase 3: Identification of the target audience. A detailed analysis is made of who the target is, his tastes, needs, problems, concerns, etc. Subsequently, it is necessary to implement 360-degree acquisition techniques to reach the user through different channels and with a unified experience.

Phase 4: An expert in SEO and SEM will make a technical analysis on the relevance of the company's web domain, the relevance of the contents and the elements to be improved and strengthened digitally.

Phase 5: Definition of technical and human work resources. It is a matter of identifying the personnel necessary to carry out the strategy, the tools, the platforms and whatever else will be necessary.

Phase 6: Execution of the plan and accompaniment. A digital consultant not only defines a strategy, but his services also include accompaniment and consultancy during the rest of the journey to guarantee the expected results.

A digital summary in a nutshell therefore helps you to better know your target market, the competition, your weaknesses and your strengths, trends and many other fundamental aspects to ensure the success of your project.

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