Top Adrenaline Pumping Adventure Activities in the Philippines

The Philippines, an archipelago of over 7000 islands, is a paradise vacation destination for tourists all over the world. Fastly becoming one of the hotspot destinations for tourism, with the major reason behind this being the variety of activities and experiences that people can experience during their Philippines tour.

An ideal destination for any kind of vacation, and an ideal vacation destination for people of all age groups and all traveling groups, the Philippines is competing with several other top destinations across the world in terms of tourist traction. The Philippines has something to offer for a solo traveler, the Philippines can act us a perfect romantic getaway for honeymooners, the Philippines offers a plethora of kid-friendly experiences that make it conducive for family vacations and whatnot. Right from embracing travelers who seek a tropical paradise vacation, to travelers seeking culture and heritage, the Philippines ensures no one leaves the country unsatisfied.

One of the top experiences that one can experience in the Philippines revolves around adventure activities. If you are an adventure junkie looking to spend some quality time in an island destination, then look nowhere apart from the Philippines as it fits the bill to the best.

Here are the top adventure experiences that one can find in the Philippines.

1. Scuba Diving, Coron

Any tour for an adventure junkie, especially to an island country without a scuba diving experience is never complete. And that is why Scuba Diving at Coron, Palawan, is considered one of the top-rated adventure experiences in the country. Generally, Coron is well known for its diving activities, but the scuba diving experience is highly rated and also pretty unique. What makes this scuba diving experience unique is that in here, you can swim through small holes into the darkness of a WWII ruin ship with just a small torchlight. Get ready to explore the nooks and corners of abandoned warships, which will ensure this is an exhilarating experience that you can never experience elsewhere!

2. Chocolate Hills Trekking

Chocolate Hills is one of the most pleasant and awe-striking natural beauty in the Philippines. The lush green grass, which turns chocolate brown in specific seasons, is well and truly a sight to behold. Climb up the mountains during dry summers to enjoy the chocolate brown grass and the amazing view that you get once you reach the top of the hills. Highly recommended for nature and adventure lovers.

3. Zipline, Boracay

How about having a bird-eye view of the amazing shorelines and beaches of the fascinating islands? And how about having that view over a gondola which is tied to you where you race down to the bottom at amazing speed? To experience this heart-racing activity is most recommended considering this is one of the best experiences in Boracay. You also have an option to experience cable car ride, which is also a unique experience.

4. Hinagdanan Cave, Bohol

The best part about adventure is the uncertainty of what is about to hit you next, and the rush of adrenaline you get whenever you embrace the unexpected. What more could suit this bill than taking a plunge and swimming inside a dark cave? If this excites you, then Hinagdanan Cave, located in Bohol, is where you should be. This is a highly adventurous activity, which is considered quite daring and challenging. But be rest assured that this activity will be completely safe!

5. Ariel’s Point

Watersports can be the most exciting adventure activity people can indulge in, considering it is also a way to beat the heat. For those who are suckers for watersports, Ariel’s Point is your paradise. There are three cliffs placed on a cliff ranging between the hight of 3 meters to 15 meters, from which you can dive into the water. If that is not your cup of tea, you also have the option to just bask in the glory of the Philippines overlooking the pristine waters, and also you could choose to ascend the cliff with the help of a bamboo ladder.

The paradise island destination offers a plethora of adventure activities and experiences for those who seek adventure in their itinerary, be it in the form kayaking, ziplining, swimming in the caves, and whatnot. Travel companies like Pickyourtrail, Yatra will curate the best travel itinerary embedded with adventure activities through their Philippines tour packages. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags to pump the adrenaline throughout your body and create memories you can cherish forever!

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