9 Tips to Boost your Productivity While Working From Home

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Working from home may sound like a dream job. You practically don’t have to spend time commuting, getting ready and dealing with your boss. However, it is not as fun as it sounds. Working from home can often make you distracted because of the various chores or even the various comforts of the home. And you can end up spending way more time on your work than you planned.

Working longer hours than you planned can make you tense and less productive in the long run. You may end up feeling tired all the time and hardly finding any time to spend with your family and friends. Then, to beat the stress, like anyone, you would watch an episode or two of Friends. That's what I do using my Spectrum Internet Plans. It changes my mood!

So, if you are struggling to stay focused, adopt these 9 tips to keep you motivated and productive while working from home.

Fix Your Working Hours

Although this may seem like an impossible thing to do while staying at home, you must stay focused. Only this way, you will be able to complete the work without any procrastination. Plan small breaks or a single long break in between these hours according to your preference and don’t waste time on other distractions. This will surely help you finish the work on time.


If you are the kind of person who loves rewards, this is the best tip to boost your productivity. Offer yourself a reward after you complete an assignment or a project. Trust me, it will motivate you. Bribe yourself with a Youtube video, a cup of coffee, a quick chat with your partner or a desert to keep you going.

Keep Social Media at Bay

Although being at home may tempt you to open social media sites more frequently, this habit can become very counterproductive. A small break from work to check social media can end up consuming a lot of your time. So, to stay focused, you have to say goodbye to social media for a few hours.

Ask your Partner for Cooperation

You can end up spending a lot of time doing house chores if you choose to work from home. This can make you exhausted and less productive. To complete the work in due time, talk to your partner and get him/her to cooperate with you. Don’t take up responsibilities which might make you feel stressed out during work. Set a work schedule in which you do minimal or no house chores. 

Organize your Work Space

Getting up and working in your pajamas in front of a TV can make you distracted pretty fast. Organize a peaceful and comfortable workspace to keep you motivated. Decorate it with pictures and notes to help you stay attentive. No matter how small or big your workspace might be, it is sure to boost your productivity and performance significantly. 

Don’t Eat at Your Desk

Sitting and working at the same place for hours can tempt you to eat there as well. But it can prove to be the biggest distraction from work. Eating can make you want to log in to social media or watch a video and can take up a lot of your time. So, go to the kitchen during the designated break time and kill that time as you like. 

Make Time for Exercise

This may seem very difficult to do but it can remarkably boost your productivity. Continuously working can weaken your creative thinking abilities and a little bit of exercise can increase your work output.

Work at Some Other Place

Staying at home and working can make you bored and lethargic. So, you can occasionally go out and work at a park or a café. It will change your environment and make you feel energetic and focused. You can make a habit of working at the local café if it is too noisy at home. 

Make Time for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Working at home can leave you less time to spend with family and friends if you are too distracted. Make sure to set up a work schedule and save enough time to hang out with your loved ones or yourself. It is very important for staying sane and boosting your productivity. So, work according to a schedule and go out on a date or attend social events to make the most of your day.


Working from home can be a blessing in disguise if you manage to balance work and personal time. It was hard for me to balance this when I started working from home. Exploring so many channels received through my Spectrum Triple Play bundle was tempting. But with these tips, I managed to stay on track and complete my tasks without losing productivity.

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