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Initially the digital market focused on the web platform. But recently it has metamorphosed for accommodating the growing popularity of mobile phones amongst our global population. The spiraling demand for smartphones is also leading to a steep rise in the demand for mobile app developers be it for iOS or Android.

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A long-drawn tussle has been going on between these two penultimate operating systems having a heavy set of plus and minus points for each of them. When it comes to making approaches and strategies, both these operating systems differ wildly from each other. But iOS surely wins the race hands down by inflicting a deeper impact on the digital population.

A large number of mobile app development companies in Atlanta and mobile app developers are choosing the iOS platform for gaining an extra edge in the world of mobile app development. Today we are going to take a look at the reasons behind this growing popularity of iOS in the fields of mobile app development. We shall also advise our readers about how they can tap into its raw potential for making career advancements.

Future of iOS App Development and Career

  • Coding is the foundation stone of any app development work. Weak coding cannot lead to the development of an excellent app. iOS mobile app developers of varying backgrounds can be seen using Swift programming language which is known to deliver top class results with minimal coding requirement.
  • In stark contrast to Android apps, building mobile applications for iOS takes 30-40% less time. The main reason behind this is that it is easier to write iOS app codes. Developers often use Swift for writing iOS codes whereas Android developers have to undergo a time taking process with Java. Android being open source in nature doesn’t have any standardization. Developers have to thus deal with a larger number of components, devices and software fragmentation.
  • The closed ecosystem of Apple on the other hand offers a limited number of operating systems and standardized devices. This adds inertia to the speed of software companies in Atlanta working on iOS app development.
  • Android apps have to deal with a large number of platforms, brands and screen sizes. This makes the apps highly vulnerable to the attack of bugs. A restriction imposed on the numbers of devices and versions reduces the chances of bugs and makes the iOS apps relatively easier to build.
  • Emulators ease out the mobile app development process to keep the end users hooked on to the application. The iOS emulators are comparatively faster than Android and also offer ample support to the developers. This in turn speeds up the mobile app development process.
  • The tools and developer support rendered by Apple is comparatively superior to peer operating systems. Android, being open source in nature lacks standardization making it difficult to get proper developer support. But when it comes to iOS mobile app development, the focus becomes sharper and the evolved tools lead to better results.
  • Overall budget of any project is determined to a great extent by its complexity and scope. As a rule of thumb, more funding is required by a complex project when compared to a simple one. Android mobile app development is characterised by complex coding and larger number of device resolutions which add to the intricacy of the projects and in turn increase development costs. Such attributes make iOS well suited for developers who are running on a stringent budget.
  • Android users can be roughly classified as the ones who are not big spenders. The Android app developers mostly deliver free apps which are loaded with in-app advertisements. But if you want to build a lucrative career in mobile app development, then iOS app is the platform you need to exploit as it generates twice the revenue as that of Google Play in spite of having an exact half number of downloads.
  • App maintenance becomes easier when users constantly update their OS. Android smart devices have countless screen sizes and device resolutions making it difficult to ensure the compatibility of a particular app with the platform. More time is taken by Android users to get in sync with new operating system which gives rise to a substantial performance gap.

Final Words

Mobile phones have taken the shape of a ubiquitous part of our daily life. From the time we wake up to the time we get back to sleep, mobile phones serve as our constant companion. There was a time when mobile phones were used for undertaking only voice-to-voice communication. But presently it is used for everything ranging from clicking pictures to setting alarms, finding directions, learning new skills and a lot more. The increasing scope of mobile app development has also opened up further career scopes for aspiring IT companies in Atlanta.

Software development is not the core competency of all organisations. If you feel that your existing staff cannot come up with a mobile application then it is definitely advisable to seek out the help of a software company in Atlanta. Since mobile applications serve as an outward-facing representation of the company, it needs to be built by a specialized expert. Maybe this is why more and more corporates are seeking out the help of skilled professionals which can work on contract basis to deliver discrete application projects within a stipulated deadline and without going overboard with the cost.

iOS mobile app development has emerged as a highly lucrative business as more and more companies are hopping over to this platform for increased security and performance. Apple has an undying commitment towards providing the best solution to its users and this remains the same in the upcoming mobile apps undergoing development. The quality guidelines followed by Apple is pretty stringent in nature and needs to be followed by all the companies and individual developers trying to release an app. These mobile applications on iOS platform need to go through thorough scrutiny prior to being published. Thus, they can guarantee a smooth UI, thematic structure and continuity when compared to their Android peers.


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