SEO: Positioning Your Site On Search Engines

People who are looking for something on the internet are generally driven by a need and / or a desire.

Thanks to the convenience and timeliness of the web, these people start looking for a solution to their needs.


Why is it important to have a site in the top places?

Almost all of us use Google and the search engines for these purposes, and our attention generally focuses on the first results that Google proposes for the search made, thanks to the fact that we will probably find what we are looking for inside them.

This is the main reason why a well positioned and visible site in search engines is able to attract a greater number of visitors, exponentially increasing the chances of sales and consequent increase in turnover, the main factor for each company.

How do you get to the front page?

Not by magic, this is obvious.

Doing SEO correctly today is a path aimed at privileging the quality of the content we offer to our customers, on the pages of the company website. Google is like a judge, able to evaluate how exhaustive the information we give is to satisfy the needs of those who are looking for us. Only when Google - after "reading" our pages - deems them useful to the user, will they position them at the top of the search results, with the consequent enormous benefits in terms of traffic.

We understand how this result should be built step by step, with a visibility and web marketing project designed for your specific market.

The phases of the SEO activity for positioning

It is a process that should arise simultaneously with the creation of the company website, as it is an integral part of it.

However, it is also possible to intervene on existing sites , appropriately revisiting their logic.

Phase 1: Define the objectives

Without goals you don't go anywhere. We need an appropriate phase of analysis that allows us - together with our client - to define the objectives to be achieved and to classify them as priorities, both for their "importance" and for the turnover potential that they can generate.

Browsing on sight will never achieve significant results, and without defined expectations any subsequent monitoring activity will be useless.

Phase 2: Optimize site content (on-page optimizations)

The site must be of quality, that is, provide value that meets the needs of those who are looking for us.

This result is obtained with an appropriate structure of the contents, which must be addressed to our target audience.
This operation is done together with the customer (who has the maximum knowledge of his business), and on our timely coordination.

Nobody can ever represent you better than when you can do it yourself.

Phase 3: Optimization of the site structure

This is our job. All our sites are born optimized in the code, in the meta tags and in all the technological factors that contribute to the achievement of a quality site.

Only by following a path of this type will we be able to emerge, win the competition and bring our products and services to the eyes of the public that is looking for us.

The subsequent activities
Once the site is published, the search engine will gradually give it value, until it reaches the consolidated result after a few months.

If we have been good, we will already have good results. If, on the other hand, the objectives are very competitive, it will be necessary to continue with activities outside the site itself to bring new value to the site, to achieve our objectives, filling the gap with the competition.
A site that works is always an open construction site!

Local positioning

If you have a local business , such as a restaurant, a hairdresser, a florist, a clothing store, it becomes important for you to be positioned locally, i.e. for those people who can physically reach your location for the purchase of products and services.

Google Maps

For local positioning, it is very important to take care of the company Google Maps (which in technical jargon is called Google Local Business ), so that it contains correct and updated information first of all, and optimized so that it ranks among the first compared to the competition.

In the search results, Google offers great visibility to the first tabs, SEO positioning them with the map in the first search results.

It is also important to remember that that information is used by all Google surfers on every Android phone, which is used by many people. If the address was inaccurate or incorrect, it would cause problems for those who want to reach your office.

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