Is alcove necessary for the house, get detailed information here

Alcove is something we used to find in our old houses but now in the new buildings, we don’t find alcoves mostly. But, some people think that alcoves are good for houses they are can be used in any way such as for building temples there or keeping some extra luggage of the house or something else. So, in this article, we will try to solve each and every question related to the alcoves in the house. Let's get started with the article as follows.

What Is The Meaning Of Alcove?

The meaning of the term alcove can be defined as a recess in the wall of a room or garden. Also, to understand the meaning of alcove better you can also define alcove as a small space in a room, formed by one part of a wall being further back than the parts on each side.

You will find these alcoves most commonly in the bathrooms of the house. And also these alcoves are necessary to keep the essential things in the bathroom.

What Is The History Behind Alcoves?

As we all know, alcoves were found in the houses from the past few decades. Also, in medieval architecture, alcoves were often featured in halls, which were separated from the main space with the help of curtains or timber partitions, whereas, in Roman and Renaissance architecture, alcoves were modified to become tall, elegant semi-circular spaces hollowed out of thick walls and sculptures.

The term alcove is mainly derived from the French word “ alcove”, from the Spanish word “ alcoba”, from the Arabic word “ Alkahf” which means ‘the cave’.

What Are The Synonyms Of Alcoves?

Synonyms are those words that mean similar to the word we are discussing. You can understand more clearly about the synonyms with the help of the list of synonyms of the word alcove as listed below.

Some synonyms of the word alcove:

  • Compartment
  • Corner
  • Recess
  • Cubbyhole
  • Cubicle
  • Anteroom
  • Bay
  • Niche
  • Space
  • Hollow
  • Opening
  • Section
  • Bedchamber

What Are The Antonyms Of Alcove?

Antonyms are those words that mean exactly opposite to the word we are discussing. You can understand more clearly about the antonyms with the help of the list of antonyms of the word alcove as listed below.

Some antonyms of the word alcove:

  • Closure
  • Jut
  • Solid
  • Projection
  • Camber
  • Continuation
  • Misfortune
  • Bulge
  • Protuberance
  • Protrusion
  • Convexity
  • Cavern
  • Whole

How Can We Form A Sentence Using The Word Alcove?

We all know that whenever we talk or discuss alcoves it means we are discussing something related to the small compartments in the wall of the house. So, whenever we form any sentence with the term alcove always remember that we are talking about something related to those small compartments or cubicles in the houses. Where some of the examples related to the term alcove can be listed as follows.

Some of the example sentence with the term alcove can be listed as below:
  1. Made from cherrywood, this chair, the last of five versions, was designed for a fireside alcove
  2. Looking around the bedroom again, she discovered an alcove in the wall next to the table
  3. As soon as the coast was clear, I left the alcove and walked back round to the front door, slowly.
  4. The three of us settled into a hidden alcove hung with burgundy velvet drapes
  5. The wolf was cornered in the alcove and his attacker was closing in on his position.


I hope you might have got the basic idea about the term alcove, and its importance in the houses. So, whenever you buy a house always keep in mind that it consists of the alcoves as they are very important and mean much more for the houses.

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