How WhatsApp spy without knowing user?

Social networking is on the rise and it is not possible these days without using cellphones all the time. The mobile technology is easy to carry wherever you want to and you can do plenty of activities likewise, text messages, sharing of media, audio-video calls, and voice messages on WhatsApp. Moreover, people become obsessed with social media apps these days particularly I am talking about young children.

 In addition to that, employees in working hours also use instant messenger like WhatsApp to share documents, chats, and many other activities. The particular social messaging app over the years has gain immense popularity and today you can see this messenger installed on everyone’s cellphone. Let’s get to know about those who want to spy WhatsApp on someone’s mobile devices.

Who wants to spy WhatsApp on someone’s cellphone? 

As we have mentioned that young children and teens are obsessed with social networking apps and they used to spend all day long on the instant messaging app. Therefore, kids have become vulnerable to cyber bullies, stalkers, and as well as to the sex offenders. Moreover, they also get encounters with adult content and share their privacy with strangers.

That’s why parents have to spy on social media app to make sure kids are safe and not getting involved in inappropriate activities. On the other hand, employers want to track social media app on employees' business owned devices to monitor time-wasting, unauthorized sharing of documents, and stealing business intellectual property via instant messenger. Therefore, parents and employers want to monitor social media app without them knowing.

Install cellphone spy software to spy on WhatsApp

Let’s suppose you are one of those who want to monitor the instant messaging app then you need to get your hands on the best cell phone surveillance software. Besides, you need to perform plenty of crucial steps to get the job done.

You need to use the web browser of your device and then make a search for mobile monitoring software. In addition to that, you need to subscribe to it and you will get the credentials in terms of password and ID. Now you need to get possession of the target device and once you have it then get started with the process of installation.

After you have ended up with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the targeted devices. Besides, you need to use the passcode and ID and activate the web portal account. Once you have activated it then you need to visit the tool that empowers you to monitor the social networking to the fullest on the target device without them knowing.

Cell phone spying app to spy WhatsApp on the target device 

Live screen recording

First and foremost, you need to activate the cellphone monitoring app online web portal, and further you need to activate the screen recorder software. It will help out parents and employers to perform live screen recording of the kid’s and employee’s cellphone without them knowing especially when the target person is using social media app.

Now you can perform live screen recording and record short videos of the screen and send the recording to the online web portal. Parents and employers can get access to the online control panel where you can get access to the recordings and you can get to what are activities are happening on the instant messaging app. You can read chat, see text messages, audio-video conversations, sharing of photos, videos, and voice messages with a complete time stamp.

IM’s social media

Use WhatsApp spy software online web portal where you can further get access to the target device to get the logs of all the social networking apps. Users can get the logs of instant messenger likewise, text messages, chats, audio-video chats, sharing photos, videos, and last but not the least voice messages. Parents and employers can see the activities of children and employees respectively for the sake of digital parenting and employee monitoring.


Users can use the web portal of cell phone tracking app and get access to the target device after the activation of screenshots. You will get the screenshots of the cellphone screen active with WhatsApp.
Cell phone spying software is the best tool for parents and employers to spy on WhatsApp without them knowing.

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