How to Spy on Windows PC with TheOneSpy Computer Spy software?

Digital devices over the years have made their way to the next level. Computer technology these days are important in every walk of life. Therefore, we used to see laptop and desktop computer machines running with windows OS at every business organizations, school computer labs, and government at organizations. On the other hand, young kids and teens love to have their own individual laptop and desktop devices and do plenty of activities that often make their parents insecure.

Fishy activities on companies owned windows devices by the employees and risky activities online often make parents and employers concerned respectively. Therefore, both of the communities, employers, and parents are looking forward to spying on windows PC for digital parenting and employee monitoring purposes. So, if you want to do surveillance on someone’s windows computer device then you have to have TheOneSpy computer surveillance app.


How to get TheOneSpy to monitor windows PC?

If you want to get the best windows monitoring software then you have to visit the web initially and then you will be able to get it. So, use your personal computer device connected to the cyberspace and then use the installed web browser. Additionally, you need to make a search on the web about PC surveillance software. You will be directed to the official webpage of the computer spy software. Furthermore, go for the following steps.

Step1: Subscribe for windows monitoring software

Simply make subscriptions with respect to the OS of the target laptop desktop device. Moreover, you will receive a password and ID via email.

Step2: Get physical access on the target computer device

Now get physical access on the targeted device and once you have the access then get started with the process of installation. Additionally, activate it on the target windows device the moment you have been ended up with the process of installation.

Step3: Use Login credentials & gets access to the web portal

Now you have to use the credentials if you want to get access to the online control panel of the windows tracking app. Furthermore, you can visit the features of TheOneSpy computer monitoring software to know about all the activities happen on the targeted device.

Use TheOneSpy windows monitoring app tools to monitor Windows PC

Windows browsing activities

The end-user can remotely get access to all the visited websites on the target device installed browser and further you can get to know about the bookmarks on the browser.


However, the user can capture plenty of screenshots at once to know about the detailed activities on the screen of the target computer device no matter whether it is laptop or desktop devices.

Surround recorder

You can remotely record the surround voices and conversations and later you can listen to it with surround recording software for windows.
Screen recording
The end-user can perform live screen recordings on the target windows device and make short videos of the screen and further delivery to the online control panel. You can simply visit the web portal and can see live recorded videos of the screen.

Block websites

You can remotely get access to the target device and you can see the inappropriate browsing activities. So, you can block all inappropriate websites.
Computer Camera Photos
The end-user can remotely control the front camera of the target laptop windows device and get to know who is up to the device.

Read Emails

End-user can monitor all sent and received emails on a target device by using the email monitoring app. End-user can read the content of the emails and get to know what has been sent via email on target windows PC.

View installed applications

An end-user can see all the installed applications remotely using the online control panel of the computer tracking software. It will empowers you to know what sorts of application target windows PC user has been installed.


TOS windows tracking app is the best tool for parents and employers to perform digital parenting and employee monitoring purposes. It means you can make sure kids online safety and as well as protect your business to the fullest.

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