How To Get More Sales With E-commerce Social Media Marketing?

With increased competition, companies are investing in e-commerce stores which is intensifying the competition in the retail industry. To enhance a company’s competitive edge, social media marketing is gaining popularity among all online stores.

Many companies are already using SEO strategies to gain top ranks in Google results, however, to reach masses and convert potential targets to customers, a social media ad is required. Social media marketing is not limited to having an online presence on social platforms to engage with the audience, instead, it can be used as a sales tool as well.

The most common benefits of e-commerce social media marketing include brand awareness, engagement traffic, and sales. Having an e-commerce social media account on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter aids in reaching masses. Social media also helps in interacting with your target market in a much casual way, clarifying all confusions, providing online assistance, and reviewing product reviews. It helps in reaching masses and those with specified interests. The Facebook ads objective helps in generating more traffic to the company’s page, more likes, comments, and shares get the post-viral thus influencing others to buy from that store. This ultimately helps in creating an online brand name and sales funnel for the e-commerce company.

Tips to boost e-commerce sales via social media marketing

  • Profiling your target market
  • Increase Facebook response rate
  • Sharing realtime content
  • Influencer marketing

Profiling your target market

Some intriguing tips to boost e-commerce sales on social media is to analyze your target market. It includes what type of products they are interested in, which platform do they use more often and how much time do they spend on each social platform. This helps in getting audience insight so that marketing strategy can be planned accordingly. For instance, if an online clothing store is interested in targeting females aged between 18 and 25 years, it can do so by posting product pictures on Instagram and Facebook in their most active hours. This posting schedule will help in focusing on the right market at the right time, eventually increasing sales.

Increase Facebook response rate

Similarly, another strategy to boost online sales is by responding to customer queries on time. Facebook has a separate tab associated with the page response time. It highlights the responsiveness of the Facebook page. The response time is measured by calculating the time taken by the page admin to respond to customer messages and comments. A good responding e-commerce page will get a Facebook badge, promoting brand responsiveness and customer satisfaction. It is also important to respond to customers on time to persuade them to buy products spontaneously. A late or delayed response can cause a shift in the customer’s mood.

Sharing realtime content

Moreover, sharing product images on all social platforms for keeping the page active is required, however, sharing customer’s feedback, product reviews, or self product photography is also recommended. It increases the credibility of the e-commerce store that the shown products are physically present at the moment, and the quality standards are maintained.

Influencer marketing

Highlighting the use of any machine can showcase the usability benefits. To influence more people, influencer marketing can be conducted by the company. If a company is unable to find some great influencers, it may hire an e-commerce social media marketing agency for influencer marketing. Many e-commerce stores are recruiting social media marketing agencies to focus strictly on the management of their social accounts. The agencies are then responsible for daily posting, scheduling, designing, and customer replies. They decide on the social ads budget according to the company’s objective. Various objectives can be met via social ads. For instance, a new e-commerce company requires brand awareness and social engagement, therefore, awareness and engagement ads campaign will be run on their social profiles. Once the brand name is established, it can boost a post for more traffic and sales. Also, partnering with industry influencers help in persuading people to buy more and is a cost-effective method as well.

Research indicates that videos are the most viewed media on social accounts. It has a great impact on people’s minds as compared to regular static posts, therefore, more focus should be given on creating video ads, or designing video posts as video’s conversion rate is much higher.

Furthermore, increasing sales via social media marketing is easy and cost-effective. It is cost-effective as creating social accounts is free. Startups can easily create Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Snapchat accounts for free and can promote them with even a little investment. Conventional marketing sounds a bit more expensive than social media marketing for startups and it is outdated as well, due to the emerging trend of digital marketing and digital stores. When everything is going digital, businesses are selling online, then marketing campaigns should also be integrated online via social media marketing. This highlights the importance of social media marketing to boost an online store’s sales.

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