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If you are still not abreast of the latest cryptocurrency news, then better start following it because you might miss the update of Bitcoin halving which is going to take place in May. But besides this, you need not miss the cryptocurrencies to buy for Bitcoin halving for 2020. With the popularity of cryptocurrency, now you must have understood the objective of cryptocurrency is to ending the role of the third party and to make trading comfortable with minimal costing. There is no need for any internal eye for the verification of transactions as this operation can very well be done by cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies require no paperwork to fill since there is no role of middleman to intervene. However, there are risks that cryptocurrencies faces is the adoption worldwide and to overshadow the currencies backed by the government. Apart from it, speedy transactions and minimal transaction costs are important enough to indicate cryptocurrencies promising future.

Reason Behind The Rise Of Cryptocurrencies In 2020

Before we leap to find about those cryptocurrencies to buy for Bitcoin halving, let us know the reason behind their estimated rise in 2020. If you have been following Bitcoin news today, then you must be aware of the basic elements of this dominating cryptocurrency which includes overly controlled supply growth and the finite supply. If you are dealing with cryptocurrencies, then you must be knowing about the number of bitcoin is limited in the world. With every updating of bitcoin ledger, the unlocking of new bitcoins is done by the individual. But to retain incentives and overly supply growth for mining, the set-up of Bitcoin is such that when there is unlocking of the number of new bitcoins for mining, the halving of the block takes place.

Previously, there have been two halvings that have taken place. The first halving took place in the year 2012 when the price of Bitcoin reached 8,000%. At the time of the second halving that took place in 2012, it increased to 2,000%. During these halving period, many new alternate cryptocurrencies got spawned into the crypto world other than Bitcoin. Now the third halving of Bitcoin is going to take place in May 2020.

Now let us know which are those cryptocurrencies to buy for Bitcoin halving from the below list.


Bitcoin tops the list among those cryptocurrencies to buy for Bitcoin halving in 2020. In the coming months, you will notice Bitcoin lowering the growth of supply and will also speed up the growth of demand in the crypto world. Coming on to supply, the number of new bitcoins in the market will be affected by the current Bitcoin halving which is going to happen in May. It will also lower supply growth.


Another leading name in the list of cryptocurrencies to buy for bitcoin halving is none other than Ripple. This is a company that allows global sending of money with the use of its native cryptocurrency, XRP by corporations’ payment providers and banks. Ripple stands ideal in the context of crypto payments through cross-borders. There are more and more and customers and banks which are adding on to its network. The biggest example is the National Bank of Egypt.

BAT (Basic Attention Token)

Joining the list of cryptocurrencies to buy for bitcoin halving is BAT. It is estimated to be the most promising cryptocurrency in 2020. The objective behind the BAT is restoring or change the incentive structure in the digital ad network to match the advertiser and user incentives.

DxChain Token

Coming on to next is DxChain Token. This cryptocurrency can also be the dark horse to buy for bitcoin halving in 2o20. With the use of blockchain technology, DxChain is going to resolve the storage, data computation, and most importantly the issue of privacy. If it does live up to the expected level, then certainly, it will produce positive results in its usage and growth value.


ZCash is also among the promising cryptocurrencies to buy for bitcoin halving. Being a crypto enthusiast, you are very well aware of the fact that privacy is the core issue in cryptocurrency. In that way, ZCash is surely going to live up to the promise of dealing in maintaining the privacy and no doubt will be counted among the top altcoins for investments for the year 2020.


So these are those cryptocurrencies to buy for bitcoin halving. You might be familiar with the cryptocurrencies like Ripple, ZCash other than Bitcoin, but today we let you know some names which are not much heard but are equally worthy of making it in the list of top cryptocurrencies to buy for bitcoin halving. These are BAT and DxChain Token. Privacy which is the core issue faced by cryptocurrencies will soon be sorted by ZCash and will certainly be ranked among the top altcoins for investment in 2020. If you want to know more such updates about the latest developments that are taking place in the crypto world, then better be abreast of blockchain crypto news.

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