Breathtaking sunset beaches to enjoy in Ontario

Love of beaches is one thing we can all agree about. Some of the best destinations revolve around the white drizzling sand, pristine beaches, palm trees, great marine life, and mocktails. This is one thing that can't be said for sure is missed under the unprecedented times, right?

What makes the beach a lot cooler is how little you have to worry about anything but have fun, get a sunbath, and the cool water. It's a summertime madness calling and a siren call can't be denied by beach lovers.

If you want to visit a beach, be ready to surf the waves!

Canada is one of the supreme destinations everyone would love to visit. Even the locals can’t deny the fact that visiting a beach is more than an authentic experience. Taking airport limo Toronto around the corner with your favorite gals is just the first step towards the summer fun.
Out of all the provinces, Ontario packs great beach destinations, perfect to watch a sunset you'll fall in love with.

  • Sandbanks, Prince Edward County

Wine and beach go hand in hand. Famous for wineries, Prince Edward County is known for its spectacular beachside too. The coastal dunes are one of the finest in Ontario making it a hot spot as the best summer destination.

Sandbanks Provincial Park sports the hiking trails, camping ground, and the beach we were just talking about. Windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, and boating complete the water sports experience exclusively with sunbathing.

  • Wasaga Beach, Simcoe County

Another ideal place to party on the beach is the world's longest freshwater beach. Wasaga is popular not for the miles of sandy shores but beautiful sunset endings with romantic bonfires. It serves as a high energy bustling side crowded with tourists and natives alike. And frankly speaking, it is the sun seeker's mecca!

Wasaga Beach is divided into sections for various activities and events suitable for all ages which make it more than perfect choice for long party weekends, a beach theme wedding, or even a nice quiet walk along the shores.

  • The Beach, Toronto     

Are you longing for a nice walk along Queen Street? If you do then you’ll happen to know about The Beach situated right at the natural water reservoir, Lake Ontario.

The best part about this locality is that it's near the shopping district making it a desirable option especially for those who are looking to shop and treat themselves with sun, sand, and water on the same day. With a private park, Kew Gardens just at the right shoulder of the beach makes it one of the major highlights of Toronto.

  • Sugar Beach, Toronto

Looks like we have another beach coming right up! Sugar Beach depicts a perfect picturesque view with cute pink umbrellas adding as great prop for the photos.

Another reason why this beach may sound ideal to your ears is its proximity to the Toronto skyline. How would you feel if you could just take a quick visit on the beach back to the office or meeting on airport limos, it's super convenient? Oh and if you plan to have a dinner date your bae and still be close to the city for the next day's work, this is a perfect choice.

Beach: a place of relaxation, rest and tranquility

If you want to plan a getaway once traveling is permitted by the government, pick any beach and experience soothing sunsets at anyone, it's all your choice.

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