Best Native Ad Networks for Publishers (2020)

Native Advertisements appear as delightful, amusing as well as entertaining to viewers. It gains more attention and engagement from people. Native ads are seen in social media feeds as well as on websites as a recommended content. Native advertising is non disruptive.

When talking about the Ad Networks for Publishers the first name that comes to mind is Google AdSense. It has the largest network globally. However, with rapid advancements going on there can be competition as well. Publishers may need to go through a lot of trials in order to determine from which network they get highest revenue generation. Some best native Ad Networks for publishers in 2020 are mentioned below: is one of the leaders in global advertisement agencies. It has portfolios that comprises of comprehensive advertising technology in industry among the search, native, the display, mobile, local and products as well as video. It is among Top 5 largest Advertisement Tech agencies globally. It has a supply of ads on more than 500,000 websites. Its platform as well as products are being licensed by largest publishers, ad networks as well as ad tech companies. includes the following publishers: Elle, Forbes, CBS Interactive, CNN, SFGATE, Good Housekeeping, MSN, Esquire and many more.



MGID Inc, a pioneer in the native advertising worldwide, helps in providing tailored solutions to the advertisers, the affiliate marketers, any digital stores, web marketers, marketing manager of brands, media buyers as well as publishers on a single integrated platform. It is a platform where people who want to do native advertising can meet, great and get the solutions for all their specified needs. It started in 2004, when Stanislav Telyatnikov established native advertisement technology. From then till now it has been established as lifestyle and entertainment expert. It is leading in providing the services associated with high-quality content promotion. The mission of MGID is delivering huge value to its customers who use digital content and all those who participate in native advertising.



Revcontent, platform of leading content discovery, helps the advertisers in driving huge no. of audience who is highly engaged with the help of technology as well as partnerships with the largest media brands globally. The discovery platform of Revcontent helps the publishers around the world in monetizing audience with the help of providing the users a way through which they can discover news, thoughts which are innovative as well as products that are useful, interesting as well as relevant in their daily lives. With its discovery platform, additional revenue stream is provided with the help of monetizing of the recommendations of the content which are appropriate and relevant for the interests of the users. It is a platform that can help generating higher revenue by monetizing the traffic at about 30-50% more as compared to the other platforms. The publishers are provided complete control. They can deliver appropriate content to their audience by using its fully customizable widgets. It also helps in engaging the audience by utilizing the insights about audience to drive editorial as well as revenue decision making.



Taboola platform exposes people with interesting and new content. The content can be anything like news, topical information, any advice, new product or a service or anything that is entertaining. Taboola helps the advertisers in promoting their brands at the time when their audience is most receptive towards the new messages, or products and services. Taboola is considered as an engine that is powerful in providing relevant and interesting content to the audience for the publishers, the mobile carriers as well as digital properties. Thus, helping in creating engagement and opportunities of monetization. It was founded by Adam Singolda in 2007. In 2012, it started its partnerships with the advertisers as well as publishers. From then till now, it has grown and became as largest discovery channel with huge growth in terms of users and the revenue. It has more than 1000 employees. It has 1.4billion unique users per month and more than 10,000 premium publishers. About 44.5% of the population of the world’s internet is reached by it. It has a program named Taboola Cares, which provide support to the community. The employees are being encouraged for volunteering in helping the ones in need such as people who are going through any psychiatric disability to the children who are living in the poor rural areas. Its their belief to give back to their community.


Outbrain is the company that has three main pillars: Innovation, Leadership and the Success. It was founded in 2006. It comprises of a global team with technology, business as well as data science experts that work in 18 different locations around the world. The community of Outbrain includes diversification. It has intelligent and driven group of passionate and excited people for leading native advertising. It helps the publishers in competing the walled gardens on the basis of audience acquisition, engagement as well as retention. It promises for best RPMs. Its optimization helps in ensuring the engagement of the audience.


Adcash, an online platform of advertising, is for the advertisers, media buyers, affiliates, and ad networks as well as the publishers. It has more than 10,000 campaigns that are active globally. It helps the advertisers to reach audience worldwide and the publishers in monetizing the web traffic with less effort thus making the journey of marketing quite simple, enjoyable as well as profitable.

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