12 Best Tips How To Write An SEO 2022 Post


Hello readers, today, in this article, I am going to tell you very useful tips for writing SEO in blog posts to maintain a better search engine ranking and more visibility in SERP. Now a day on the internet and in competition daily life is increasing day by day.

On the internet online every blogger wants to maintain his / her blog to gain more traffic, but it is not so easy, but with proper On-page Search Engine

Optimization, you can increase your website's value and ranking, for example, if you create an article with good SEO On-Page that suits your readers and also the search engines, then no one can stop you even search engine too. Always remain positive and respect others with a true heart.

Keep these tips very useful in your mind to succeed in your blogging career. The main thing is on the road blogging to keep your patience and hope for success. For tips below, you will learn how to write SEO friendly articles or how to write SEO optimized content.

1. Give a unique and attractive Post Title

Give Title Tag between 55 characters (Now it's up to you how many words you can put in 55 characters)
Do not use a very long title tag, because it makes it difficult for robots to read and give your page a better classification, you can put words between 59, but I suggest you write words for a title tag between 55 characters. Always use delicious words in Post Title (those words that are searched by most users), as it will show you how users search the internet and want your answer. A pointing title tells bots that your page is about having related content in the article.

2. Use a clean and short URL

Keep Post URL short, sharp and clean

Make your Post URL short and yet it tells readers and robots about your page. Do not use spaces in the URL, always use dashes (-) to separate each word. At the time of setting up a free blog give simple but SEO friendly blog titles to the website.

3. Avoid high-scale keywords in the post

Keep the density ratio of keywords in the article between 2-3 percent

Do not use excessive keywords, irrelevant Invisible Texts, Keywords, hidden text, and links and Duplicate put labels on your article Atube catcher error 204, you can use only 2 or 3 keywords per 100 words in total. This tip keeps your blog post safe and helps protect your blog from Google penalties.

4. Search keywords    

Always do keyword research before any post

Every time Choose relative and optimized keywords according to your website's niche, try to select keywords that have low competition, good rate, and traffic volume. This tip will help you to increase traffic site Content Com Android Browser Home.

5. Try to write more than 500 words or more

Don't write too short content
Try to write more content so that your readers get more benefits clearly. Because small article makes your visitor confused, to put more details with everything that covers the entire topic with ease. If you write a 300-word article, then its fine, but I don't write less than 300 words. More words mean more chances of being able to rank your blog. Also don't overdo it.

6. Use headings with paragraphs

Use H2 and H3 headings in previous paragraphs

The headlines tell readers your entire paragraph, try to use at least 1 H2 and H3 headings. If you want to use more positions in your content, then you can, but they are always balanced at all. Titles also help users to read and navigate easily, without having any difficulty, so I suggest that you use the title in your article.

7. Bold, italics and underline Keywords

Always bold, italic and underline your focus Keywords and other beneficial words (which are getting more traffic) in the post Because SEO improves as it increases the average reading time, with that your content will be more capable of scanning.

8. Focus keywords put in the first and last paragraph

It is very necessary to use the focus keyword in the first and last paragraphs because search engines read mainly the main word in these paragraphs. In my opinion, put the keyword-focused on the first line of the first paragraph and between the last 50 words in your post.

9. Use Alt Tag in Image

Properly optimize photos and give relative Alt Tag for each image in your post, as it helps bots to track your image and also increase traffic to your website ie someone typing a word called "SEO TIPS" in the search for images from Google and if you already post on your site similar to the word with correctly alt image tag then it is possible that Search Engine will show your image to the user and when he/she will click on the image it will redirect to your website easily. Then tag Alt for each image used on your site.

10. Use the internal link and external link in keywords

Put at least one relative internal link and external link in your keyword. Internal link ranks your pages and similar posts and also increase your page views variance tv. On the other hand, external link helps to make some kind of relationship with other similar blogs.

11. Always anchor no-follow link in keyword

Always use no-follow attribute tags link from the external source as it did not break your PageRank value, if necessary, then place the do-follow attribution tags for those sites that are relative in a niche with a higher PageRank than you.

12. Remove grammar errors

After creating posts read it carefully, if you don't waste any more time, then try to use grammar tools, which are specially developed to correct mistakes in your content phrases. These tools work in seconds and minutes to correct any grammatical errors.

Now that you have the 12 tips, how about starting to write an SEO post for search engines leave your comment we are here to hear what you have to say about.

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